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Live like a local in Dalmatia - Tips on how to look and act like a real Dalmatian

Live like a local in Dalmatia - Tips on how to look and act like a real Dalmatian

Slow down, I have Fjaka - the Dalmatian way of life

Dalmatia is a place where time suddenly slows down, the sun warms you and you are not in a hurry. The life of the locals in Dalmatia is simple and a bit phlegmatic. Perhaps that is exactly the secret to the perfect holiday! When you are in one of our villas with pool in Dalmatia, we definitely recommend that you surrender to the local mentality and simply enjoy life.

Life in Dalmatia has a special energy, a relaxed pace and a unique temperament that every Dalmatian is born with. It expresses love for the rocky landscape, figs, olive oil and wine and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Dalmatians live, without any effort, a wonderful life, a way of life that others can only dream of. Tourists often ask what they need to do to look as relaxed as the locals. Here are some tips.

Fjaka - A superior state of mind
Fjaka is a way of life in Dalmatia and something that cannot be learned. Fjaka is often compared with laziness, which is not the same thing. In contrast to laziness, fjaka can be described as a psychophysical state of mind in which you don't strive for anything. While in some countries this is achieved through meditation or fasting, in Dalmatia it is simply a gift from God. Fjaka often occurs after lunch, when it is time for a midday nap. So, give in to the fjaka and rest :)


Slow down - a relaxed lifestyle
"Pomalo" is a word Dalmatians use to greet each other. They raise their hands and say "Pomalo" passionately. It is a greeting that literally means "slow, relaxed", that can be applied to absolutely everything and describes the lifestyle of a Dalmatian. If you are in a hurry somewhere, you will often hear the saying "To hell with hurry (Vrag odnio presu)". Everyone in Dalmatia lives at a slow pace and the understanding of the concept of time is a little different than usual. In Dalmatia, time is just a formality, so if you make an appointment with someone, arrive at least 20 minutes later.

Marenda - it's time for the market
Marenda is the Dalmatian name for brunch enjoyed from 8 to 11.30 in the morning. It consists of fine cheeses, ham, schnapps, seasonal fruit, vegetables and pastries. Marenda has a long tradition and its roots go back to the Dalmatian hinterland, where farmers started brunch before going to the fields. We recommend you visit the local market and stock up on delicious delicacies, and after brunch you will probably get "fjaka", therefore "pomalo"! :)


Cakula - Dalmatian chat
Life in Dalmatia is unthinkable without the so-called "Cakula". It is a conversation that can last 5 minutes or 3 hours, it is hard to predict. Cakula has different meanings, for example: chatting, casual conversation or gossip. Usually you chat while having coffee, but also on the street when you meet a friend. The biggest proof that you have adapted into society is chatting. So the next time you meet someone, invite them for a coffee and chat comfortably.

Cvike - you don't go anywhere without sunglasses
Cvike is the local name for sunglasses that are an essential fashion detail for all generations. Whether the sun is shining or it's raining, never leave home without sunglasses! In Dalmatia, it is usually sunny all year round, which is why the majority of Dalmatians have several pairs of glasses, the cheaper ones for the beach and the slightly more expensive and stylish ones for strolling around the city.


Coffee - a special art of the Dalmatians
Croatians have the amazing ability to drink a cup of coffee for several hours. Coffee and socialising is an indispensable daily ritual of all locals. The whole country has a rich culture of coffee drinking and you will find that every day of the week, at any time of the day, people are sitting in cafes drinking coffee. Many tourists watching the crowded cafés during the working week think it is a national holiday, but actually it is a normal working day in Dalmatia.

We hope these tips will help you feel like a local on your next holiday in Croatia. To fully experience the Dalmatian lifestyle, we recommend that next summer you take a walk by the sea, put on some cvike and take it slow - enjoy coffee and brunch, and then take a rest - because Fjaka!

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