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Holiday villas in Vizinada

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Showing 4 of 13
Holiday villas in Vizinada
Visit Vizinada, spend your vacation in one of our beautiful villas in the area and enjoy the most stunning view in the entire region!
By choosing in one of our villas in Vizinada many interesting things awaits you. According to written documents, Vizinada we know today is approximately one thousand years old. The history of Vizinada is rich and colorful: where today lies a cemetery, on a place called “Bozje polje”, once was the gathering spot of the knights Templars. The Templars built a monastery here and used it as their “headquarters” in Istria until they were banned in the 14th century. When it comes to the towns history, there are many legends connected to it. Some of them say that Attila the Hun died in this area, which is the reason why there is a sculpture of Attila on the entrance to the cemetery. Why exactly by the cemetery? In order to keep the bad spirits away, of course.

The credit for the rise of Vizinada should go to the local harbor, that was located on the nearby river Mirna, as well as to the famous “Parenzana” – a railway that went from Trieste, through Slovenia all the way to Porec, at that time known as Parenzo.
The beauty of Vizinada was noticed even in Hollywood. One of the best war movies made in the 1970´s, “Kelly´s Heroes” was filmed amidst the streets of this charming town. Visinada is also known as the birth town of the famous ballerina Carlotta Grisi.

Rent a villa in Vizinada, enjoy the view and take a walk through the mystical and picturesque streets.

Things to do and things to see in Vizinada:

• House Maraston
• Bell tower
• St. Barnabas frescoes
• Church of St. Mary
• Vizinada cemetery
• Cistern (sterna)

While you are staying in our villas in Vizinada, we certainly recommend you to visit and the rest of beautiful Central Istria.

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