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Holiday villas in Pula

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Holiday villas in Pula
Breath in the historical air of the ancient Roman city, walk with gladiators and feed your soul with the heritage that times have left here while enjoying the delighted sights for soaring eyes in one of many pool villas in Istria that we have handpicked for you. Find the right venue, the right amenities, the perfect villa in Pula, just the right combination for your delightful holiday escape. The selection that we have gathered for you will leave you speechless. You will be choosing the best luxury villa in Pula from the best existing.
Pula, Pola, Puola, Pietas Iulia, Pul, Pulj, Polei, the same name through centuries for the most urban center of Istria, although not the political capital of Istria, but surely urban and administrative capital. With only 60.000 people, it is the largest city in Istria. The city itself is much like Rome, built on seven hills, with monumental amphitheater, and right above the nature shielded large port. By choosing your vacation time in one of our villas in Pula your perfect and relaxed time filled with an everyday activity is guaranteed .

All you need to know about Pula

• Largest Istrian town.
• Urban center advantages.
• Rich history and sightseeing.
• Numerous beaches in Pula area.
• Largest selection of villas in Pula area.

After the end of Roman Empire, Ostrogoths devastated Istria and consequently Pula. Slavs inhabited the destroyed land, mostly in the fertile countryside. In the history flow, Pula often changed its landlords, from Venetians, across Napolean to Habsburg, each one leaving his mark on the city life. Being principal Austro-Hungarian port, after the WWI Pula became Italian territory throughout the end of WWII when Istria was practically endowed in geopolitical negotiation to Croatia (Yugoslavia at the time). The Irish writer James Joyce lived in Pula with his wife teaching languages to the Austro-Hungarian naval officers. Under the strong Italian influence, Pula today is officially bilingual.

The old heart of the city is a small intricate labyrinth of noisy streets and alleys. In the summer time, the city never dies, and as the temperature goes down, the main streets become a real facing challenge of navigating through the crowds of tourists, unheld, a discarnate iridescence limply suspended in the hot summer breeze.

What is awaiting you by choosing luxury villa in Pula?

If you choose to stay in villas in Pula area, practically anywhere you turn you end up on the beach. Surrounded by bays, Pula offers great beaches within walking distance, and especially driving distance. Walking down the waterfront, Lungomare connects Stoja and Valkane with Gortan's bay, Hawaii beach, and many more. Mostly oriented to the west or southwest, sopping sun all day to a beautiful sunset.

Just on the outskirts of Pula, a vast countryside begins. A delightful sight for soaring eyes, the unspoiled landscapes, calm, tranquil, and transcendent. Beautiful countryside stretches like a great spread of golden and green sheets held together by thick green stitching of the Istrian forest. While you are staying in villa in Pula don't miss to visit and the other nearby Istrian towns where you can also find our beautiful and luxury villas.

Things to see…

• Roman amphitheater - Arena;
• Forum square – Augustus’ • Temple;
• The Franciscan Monastery;
• Kastel;
• Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Assumption;
• Zerostrasse.

Things to do…

• Hop on – hop off sightseeing;
• Lungomare walks;
• Swim in Gortan's bay and Hawaii beach;
• Day trip to Fratarski island;
• Have cocktails in Sumi more bar at Valkane beach;
• Day trip to Kamenjak Nature Park;
• Attend concert in Arena;
• Have a night out in the town.

Once you touch the Istrian ground your holiday may begin, and your relaxation starts as soon as you put your luggage down, and you close the gates of your luxury villa in Pula. Upon your arrival, you will be charmed with the nature and the vicinity of this great town will give you comfort of having everything near, and wonderful opportunity for city-break whenever you wish. Handpicked, your villa in Pula will transform your state of mind immediately. Our large selection of villas with pool in Pula offers you a unique opportunity to be close to the urban center yet away from all the stress and traffic. Check the details and book your luxury pool villa in time, as they are usually fully booked for the season.

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