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Porec Villa Verde 5 Bedrooms
Pula Villa Windrose 4 Bedrooms
Rovinj Villa Medaki 4 Bedrooms
Umag Villa Vista Savudrija 4 Bedrooms
Central Istria Villa Fiore 2 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Ulika 5 Bedrooms
Umag Villa Kanedolo 4 Bedrooms
Zadar Villa Donatella 2 Bedrooms
Central Istria Villa Gregi 3 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Irinea 2 Bedrooms
Zadar Villa Sakarun Lapis 3 Bedrooms
Pula Villa Casa G 6 Bedrooms
Central Istria Villa Zaz 3 Bedrooms
Labin - Rabac Villa Bella 3 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Moro 2 Bedrooms
Zadar Villa Mila 4 Bedrooms
Pula Villa Del Mar 6 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Melon 5 Bedrooms
Pula Villa Liv 4 Bedrooms
Central Istria Villa Stancija Vigini 4 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Graziella 4 Bedrooms
Rovinj Villa Moncalvo 5 Bedrooms
Central Istria Villa Analucija 3 Bedrooms
Pula Villa Lipa 4 Bedrooms
Central Istria Villa Anabel 3 Bedrooms
Pula Villa Nelli 3 Bedrooms
Central Istria Villa Mia 4 Bedrooms
Rovinj Villa Ambienta 7 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Gianno 4 Bedrooms
Pula Villa Unique 4 Bedrooms
Labin - Rabac Villa Vlastelini I 4 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Ema 4 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Torre II 3 Bedrooms
Pula Villa Evelyn 2 Bedrooms
Buzet Villa Mulino 4 Bedrooms
Novigrad Villa Bellezza 4 Bedrooms
Central Istria Villa Tower 3 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Santa Marina 3 Bedrooms
Krk Villa Swiss 4 4 Bedrooms
Opatija Villa Stonegate 5 Bedrooms
Kvarner Villa Casa Blanco 6 Bedrooms
Trogir Villa Paula 7 Bedrooms
Umag Villa Kokola 2 Bedrooms
Central Istria Villa Principi 4 Bedrooms
Labin - Rabac Villa Pican 3 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Simone 4 Bedrooms
Vizinada Villa Paljari 5 Bedrooms
Kvarner Villa Grappa 4 Bedrooms
Porec Villa Hello Sunshine 4 Bedrooms
Opatija Villa Salvia 5 Bedrooms
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Our story
We are very proud of our story. It all started back in 2008.
Three young air-force pilots, today’s owners of My Istria, brainstormed on how to help a relative find guests for his newly built villa. So, they started looking for a solution. And, after a while, with a lot of work, enthusiasm and love, My Istria was born. At first, we had only the one villa in our offer. Ten years have passed and today, My Istria welcomes over 40.000 guests per year in more than 500 luxury villas in Croatia.
We are a small office, made up of young people. Everyone is different, some of us too shy, some of us too talkative, some with weird hair, some with weird pets… But we all have something in common- we all like our job and enjoy helping our guests in finding the perfect holiday home and spending a wonderful time at one of our villas.
Big international web sites have several intermediaries between them and the actual villa owners and no idea on what they are selling. Unlike them, we provide first-hand local information and support. Working directly with the villa owners, we are able to provide the best service. All villas are personally inspected and photographed to ensure that they are up to standard and have accurate descriptions displayed on our website. We handpick only the best villas, as well as the nicest owners and villa hosts.
Take advantage of our lowest price guarantee and carefree rental guarantee in association with the insurance company Allianz.
We are always available for assistance in order to make your vacation in Croatia completely relaxing. Book a private villa in Croatia with My Istria and escape the everyday stress of modern life.
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