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Holiday villas in Sibenik

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Showing 4 of 37
Holiday villas in Sibenik
The impressive and authentic Croatian city of Sibenik is living proof of perseverance, renunciation and faith of people who stood up even during the hardest times. A holiday destination that will keep you engaged and relaxed day and night, and with our villas in Sibenik making your holiday just the way you dreamed.
Our luxury holiday villas in Sibenik will make your vacation time more speical in the unique town. Sibenik is the central Dalmatian coastal town that repeatedly endures many strikes, natural and human ones. White walls above the pristine bay waters present a city that is situated right along the mouth of the emerald Krka River. This gem of the Adriatic hides numerous churches, monasteries, palaces and four fortresses, that put it right on the top of the list of places to visit in Dalmatia. Sibenik is a living proof of perseverance, renunciation, and faith of its people in the hardest times, even when they had to rebuild the entire city.

Unlike other cities on the Adriatic coast, founded by Greeks or Romans, Sibenik was established by Croats. History brought many endeavours to Sibenik, switching empires between Venetians, Byzantine and Austro-Hungarian. Once you reach the city and its medieval heart, you will understand and feel the culture and the living rhythm of the people better. The undisputed masterpiece of Juraj Dalmatinac, St. James’ Cathedral, is a UNESCO heritage site, and the center of attention in regards to art and architecture.

Leaving this masterpiece, you can get lost in the labyrinth of little streets, which are luckily ending on very attractive squares. There are friendly people everywhere you turn, in bars and cafes, almost on every corner. Cobbled streets, many, many stairs, and high walls dripping with history will wake up the wanderer in you, only to have you explore the rich history and legends of this archaic Mediterranean city.

Beaches in Jadrija, Banj, and the White beach are great places to start your holiday, and keep you refreshed in the clear waters of the bay area. Sibenik’s archipelago has numerous islands, but only six of them inhabited, and utterly beautifully simple. There are two National Parks close to Sibenik, one is Krka River National Park and the other is Kornati, one inland and the other on the islands. Both of them are perfect destinations for day trips, swimming and just soaking in the beautiful nature.


There are many reasons to visit the Sibenik area and to stay in one of our luxury villas in Sibenik, here are just the highlights:

• Rich history and town architecture;
• Selection of holiday villas with a pool;
• National Parks;
• Well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Whether you decide on a charming villa in a small village or an island retreat, you will be in range of this beautiful Dalmatian diamond on the dreamlike Croatian coast. Staying in one of our holiday villas in Sibenik allows you to combine sightseeing and relaxation, making your holidays beyond enjoyable. Discover Dalmatina coast from one of our luxury villas in Sibenik with pool, to find out the true meaning of a memorable holiday.  If you want visit and the others towns and parts of Croatia, take a look and on our other villas in Croatia

Things to do in Sibenik: 

• Sightseeing;
• Night out in the city;
• Swimming in Jadrija;
• Visit Etnoland in Pakovo village;
• Swim in Krka National Park;
• Yachting day in Kornati National Park;
• Game of Thrones tour;
• Bungee Jump from the Sibenik bridge above the sea;
• Go to Klapa concert;
• Fun Park Mirnovec;
• Hang out with locals.

Things to see in Sibenik:

• Old town;
• St. James’ Cathedral;
• St. Michael’s fortress;
• St. Nicholas’ Fortress;
• St. John’s Fortress;
• Barone Fortress;
• St. Lawrence Church and Monastery;
• St. Francis Church and Monastery;
• Ecclesiastical Museum of St. Barbara;
• Princes’ Palace – Town Museum;
• Island of Zlarin.

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