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Holiday villas in Buzet

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Showing 4 of 15
Holiday villas in Buzet
Romantic nest on the top of the hill, a mix of traditional Istrian and cool modern, your vacation for rejuvenation and energy refill in luxury pool villa in Buzet where the past and the future come together to captivate you as a work of magic only to leave the land of Istria near and dear to your heart.
Nestled romantically on a hill in northeast Istria, close to the border, much like many other Istrian small towns, dreamy Buzet beholds self-named title – city of truffles. Charming and serene, the town resembles deserted at times, yet just perfect for holiday as is, and despite it, festivities and summer high season prove it wrong. By staying in one of our villas in Buzet you can enjoy in relaxed time surrounded by beautiful nature and luxury accomodation.

Visiting Buzet, from the various stages of façade decay, you can almost read history. The town itself, after Romans bloomed when Venetians set in, built the walls, gates, and most of the churches.

Staying in one of our pool villas in Buzet is the unique opportunity to visit the beautiful truffle region and its epicenter Buzet. The municipality consists of many villages, each one offering different attractions to spice up your holiday. Residents of this small town resettled long time ago away from the old town and its cobbled narrow streets and squares right at the foot of the hill in the new part of town. The town itself and the area is not at all populous, so your holiday villa in Buzet is to be relaxing restful experience.

This is just the perfect holiday destination for number of reasons:

• Intoxicating Istria countryside;
• Wide selection of pool villas in Buzet;
• Beautiful nature;
• Romantic hilltop village of Buzet;
• Variety of holiday options;
• Two airports within close driving distance.

Buzet area as your holiday destination has much to offer, from classical sightseeing to drinking homemade Biska and vertical wall climbing, maybe not at the same time. While connecting to the nature from your villa in Buzet, rejuvenated by the spirituous countryside, where some of the most precious Istrian treasures can be found. The magical panorama combined with the inside of your vacation home connecting the ancient and the new, boasting traditional elements and clear lines of the modern, and finally mixing authentic Istrian, and a cool contemporary, all in the best of vacation homes you will ever find. The past and the future in the present, a work of magic, spellbound at every turn.

Things to see…

• Old Town Buzet;
• Frescos in Hum;
• Bell tower at Vrh;
• 70 small villages in immediate vicinity;
• Replica of Gutenberg’s printing press in Roc;
• Pillar of Shame in Salez;
• Castle of Petrapilosa;
• Church of the Holy Spirit;
• Brandy Exhibit in Hum;
• St. John’s spring.

Things to do…

• Olive oil trails;
• Cycling trails;
• Trekking around Butoniga lake;
•  Sokol Society Brass Band concert;
• Drink Biska in Hum tavern;
• Fresco painting workshop;
• Festival of Subotina (and giant omelette);
• Hang gliding;
• Horse riding across Kotle;
• Caving in Radota Pec pit.

Pool villa in Buzet is your next holiday destination where you will fully rest, relax, and refill your energy levels. The spectacular far-reaching views of vineyards, olive groves, and forests will captivate you and trap the land of Istria to be near and dear to your heart.


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