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Holiday villas in Rovinj

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Showing 4 of 84
Holiday villas in Rovinj
Rightfully love at first sight, a small picturesque and romantic town on the western Istrian coast will completely overwhelm you with the energy, serenity, and beauty. Relax in your villa in Rovinj and spend the most romantic holiday ever. Your place under the sun awaits in one of our stunning villas in Rovinj.
Villas in Rovinj are made for making your holiday time unforgettable. Faithfully returning visitors are proof that Rovinj will just captivate your heart with love at first sight. Cobbled narrow streets, 22 islands and islets just around, mild Mediterranean climate, and numerous sights will keep you hooked for days.

Torpid with the sights, and smells, all your senses will truly enjoy in one of our numerous villas in Rovinj. DO NOT DOUBT! Your holiday in Croatia, in Istria will be extraordinary, and you will remember it for years to come. Relax in the right pool villa in Rovinj, and enjoy the food, the wine, and the inevitable awarded olive oil.

Everything you need to know about Rovinj

The Old Town of Rovinj was built on a peninsula. With the limited space came narrow buildings, and small town squares. Even today, Rovinj kept most of the buildings in their original state breathing past times as you walk down the cobbled streets. The town under the Church of Saint Euphemia well merges its history with modern living needs, hosting many galleries and art studios. The church tower is a must see, its majestic view is just the perfect start of your vacation in one of many luxury pool villas in Rovinj.

Today Rovinj developed amazingly exquisite gastro offer, and overall high standard of tourist services. Fishermen’s parties are one of the most visited in Croatia, also festivals (jazz and salsa), and the largest open-air exhibition in the Adriatic coast called Grisia. Rovinj lives 24/7, energizes and gives that special touch to your holiday. There are many attractions in Rovinj to keep you busy so this just might be the right location for your next holiday. In addition, Pula airport is about 45 minutes away, as well as the entire Istria within an hour driving distance.

• Beautiful picturesque city of Rovinj.
• Pool villas in Rovinj near the sea.
• Great boat trips from Rovinj port.
• Largest selection of villas in Rovinj area.
• Perfect venues in beautiful locations.

As you get excited for your holiday in just amazing villa in Rovinj, we have a great selection of luxury villas in Rovinj area. Make sure you enter all your details and your holiday booking will be just seconds away. Give yourself and your company a chance to fall in love with this beautiful Istrian city. Spend your holiday in one of the authentic luxury villa in Rovinj, and your holiday will just get a completely new meaning.

Things to see in Rovinj

• St. Euphemia church;
• Old town;
• The Franciscan Monastery;
• The castle on St. Andrew Island.

Things to do in Rovinj

• Big game fishing;
• Sunset cruise;
• Visit Stancija Collis;
• Sightseeing old town;
• Spend a day on Mulini beach;
• Have morning coffee or a night out at Mediterraneo Bar;
• Have lunch at Kantinon, and dinner at Monte restaurant (foodies beware!).

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