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Holiday villas in Rijeka

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Holiday villas in Rijeka
Immerse into Europe’s best vacation destination, rent your villa in Croatia and inhale the culture, history, gastronomy, nature at its best, and, of course, the sea and sun. 
Home of the highest number of UNESCO’s intangible goods, situated in southeastern Europe, Croatia is a perfect vacation destination. With 1244 islands, islets and reefs, the Croatian coastline is definitely its most praised feature. From the furthest east to the west, this natural beauty, nonetheless, will astonish you with the abundant nature, architecture, history, gastronomy and overall culture. Croatia is truly an awesome place!

Preserving heritage from the Roman Empire, Slavic churches, across Venetian palaces, Napoleon forts, and Viennese mansions, to the most recent Socialist sculptures, Croatia cherishes tradition and culture from ancient times. It is, indeed, Europe’s valuable treasure showcase right on the edge of Empires.

Away from glittering waters of the east Adriatic coast, off to almighty mountains of the Dinaric Alps, just as you pass the dreamy craggy peaks, there lie murmuring waters of crystal clear wild rivers and majestic canyons, followed by cascading waterfalls, and inexplicably calming lakes. Eleven nature parks, eight national parks, and two nature reserves cover Croatia’s almost 10% of the land. Whatever your holiday style might be, we assure you will not be disappointed.

Your holiday’s main and the most important recipe ingredient is definitely a luxury villa in Croatia. Our selection of over 800 luxury villas is the largest offer of this kind, and just the right choice for your holiday style. All our villas are handpicked in direct contact with the owners; we have personally inspected them all, and the photos you see are the photos we have made to make sure everything is as it is presented. From two-bedroom up to 12 bedroom villas, most of them with en suite bathrooms, divine properties with numerous amenities such as playgrounds, gyms, playrooms… and a pool is a must. Villas vary from those newly built to the renovated historical sites where local people used to maintain farms with cattle and fertile fields. You can even choose the interior decoration you prefer, whether it is a contemporary modern design or original local set up. Every villa has air condition, most of them with heating options, as well. A well-equipped kitchen is almost a rule, and an outside one is part of local tradition, so you can explore your culinary skills in full.

The bursting season offer covers just about anything from kite surfing, over zip lines, waterparks, to big game fishing. If you like your holiday active, you will not be dissatisfied with your options. Cycling and trekking are also high on the offer lists, do not doubt, and children will have some serious fun in water, amusement, and adrenaline parks. On the other hand, tranquility and serenity is the most common feature of our luxury villas in Croatia, together with fire sunsets and breezy nights are just perfect relaxation. All ages and all stages, tailor your holidays to your wishes. We are here to ensure that your holiday in one of our luxury villa goes exactly as you planned; therefore, we are at your disposal in the shortest notice. Over 260.000 satisfied guests, 40.000 of them in one season, we assure you this is the right choice for your wonderful holiday.

Whatever your choice will be of Croatian villas, down south Dalmatia, a little bit further north in Kvarner and Istria, here you can find the largest selection of Croatian villas that you can possibly think of. By keeping our selection standards high, we ensure they comply with your wishes, while you get the best, exactly as you booked, or even better. Choose your region and your property and indulge yourself with the finest vacation ever! Let us be your inspiration, a great start to the greatest holiday.

• Best European holiday destination.
• Different regions across Croatian coast.
• Wide variety of holiday styles.
• Largest selection of villas in Croatia.
• Perfect venues in beautiful locations.
• Lowest price guarantee.
• No stress, easy booking.
• Personally checked, handpicked villas in Istria.
• Outstanding range of different amenities.
• Carefree rental powered by Allianz.

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