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Istrian wine and olive oil routes - an unforgettable culinary adventure

Istrian wine and olive oil routes - an unforgettable culinary adventure

Discover the most famous winemakers and olive oil farmers in Istria!

If you are planning your vacation or are already there and do not know where to start, because the offer is colorful and varied, we advise you to read on to get your taste buds on the right track and to give you a delicious guide.

Istrian wine routes - fine wines and magical backdrops

Life is too short to drink bad wine.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Even one of the biggest, Goethe personally, would greet Istrian wine routes with a sway, because where the white soil in Central Istria and red soil on the coast merge, only divine drink can come about.
Wineries and winegrowers can be found on every corner of Istria, but because of the quantity, quality should not be lacking: the Istrians are very "fussy" and exact about that. The most famous regions in western Istria are the areas around Rovinj, Pula, Porec & Buje. In the central part of the peninsula you can find the best vineyards around Buzet and Pazin and on the east coast the area around Labin, above Rabac.


The best-known wines in the Istria region are traditional wines, such as the Istrian Malvasia: golden yellow synonym for freshness & harmony, the Momjan Muskat: dessert wine with an unforgettable scent of wild cloves and the ruby red Teran: princely drop rich in history.

Most of the wineries have been family-owned for decades, with a proud cross-generational tradition in wine making. In addition, Istrian wines can be found not only in local family restaurants, but now on the wine lists of many top restaurants around the world. So, let's start with our wine tour:

The first and at the same time the most famous wine route in Istria covers the area around Buje in the northwest of the peninsula. It stretches along the west coast of Istria and extends from Buje in the north to Pula in the south. The main meeting places of the wine route are Umag, Brtonigla, Novigrad, Dajla, Nova vas, Groznjan, Savudrija and Buje.


The second wine route refers to Porec and the surrounding area with Lovrec and Funtana, while the third wine route runs through the interior, culminating in the medieval Pazin and Buzet.

The fourth wine route extends to Rovinj in the south with Vodnjan and Valbandon, where even the most persistent non-romantic becomes weak. Not to forget the winegrowers and wine traders in Labin, located on the east coast of the peninsula.

Since driving a car and drinking wine are not compatible, we advise you to take a bike tour… or simply book one of our villas near the “well”. :)

In case you want an expert to explain the whole “thing” to you, then we advise to book an organized wine tour, individually or in a group. You can expect a pleasant evening, where you can taste all the delicious wines in an irresistible combination with Croatian specialties.

Written a lot & drank nothing, hence: Zivjeli!


One of the best in the world - Istrian olive oil

From the wine it is only a small step to the olive oil, so we switch directly from the wine roads to the olive roads, because wherever the Istrian wine thrives, the groves are not far away, where on thousands of trees the green olives ripen for a rich harvest.

In addition to the distinctive taste and intense aroma, the oil is a real fountain of youth because of its minerals, enzymes and vitamins - ask the ancient Romans. In addition, one of the oldest olive tree in the Mediterranean is located in the Istrian national park “Brijuni” (definitely worth a trip). With its proud age of over 1600 years !! each year it continues to give its golden fruits lovingly and continuously as gifts - which is worth admiration and respect alone.

The olive oil of the Croatian peninsula was already considered the best in the world in Roman times. After a great deal of effort and work, the region has regained this reputation today. The Italian "Olive Oil Bible Flos Olei" has named Istria the best olive oil region for the fourth time in a row - and you have the opportunity to find out what is behind this story, or even to be there during the harvest and create a special holiday memory.

golden-olive-oil-flows-over-a-wooden-spoon-with-a-few-green-olives-in-it-and green-background

In Istria, quality is of the essence for olive oil and although twenty years ago fewer than a hundred thousand olive trees were rooted here, one and a half million shape the landscape now - because the soil and climate advantages offer only the best quality.

Of course, you will be so enthusiastic about one or the other bottle that you can hardly avoid taking some of the best oils home with you to revive the holiday memories in your favourite dish. In order to help you with your selection, we will briefly explain the 4 grades here:

Virgin olive oil in general is oil that goes straight from the tree into the bottle. Harvested olives are ground, pressed, spun, filtered and bottled.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: first-class oil, created exclusively by mechanical treatment and with a low percentage of free fatty acids
  • Extra virgin olive oil direct: also mechanically obtained oil, however it contains a higher percentage of free fatty acids
  • Olive oil: mixture of refined and virgin olive oil
  • Olive pomace oil: oil obtained from the pomace of the pressed olives

A tip on our part: Last but not least, you can recognize first-class and excellent oil quality by the price, but this golden and lovingly harvested drop justifies its price, because you can use it to taste and perfume every meal (be it sweet or savoury).


Do not miss the small brown signs that read “Ceste Maslinova ulja” (olive oil roads) , which will point you on the right course everywhere on the peninsula.

And don't forget to end your tour with a swim on one of the beautiful beaches, because the Adriatic Sea is always just a stone's throw away from you. :)

Pure pleasure.

Ivana Stanic

+385 1 222 70 50