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Velebit photo safari - Discover the charm of the mythical Velebit by jeep

Velebit photo safari - Discover the charm of the mythical Velebit by jeep

Ready for an adventure? Enjoy the wild beauty of Dalmatia

Have you asked yourself what you expect from a dream vacation? A villa with pool in Dalmatia is the perfect accommodation to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But wouldn't it be a shame to spend a vacation in Croatia without getting to know the country better? When you are in Dalmatia, be sure to answer the call of nature. You will not be disappointed. :)

Velebit, which means "the great creature", is the longest mountain range in Croatia with a length of 145 km, rising like a giant above the sea. It stretches from the mountain pass Vratnik in the northwest to the Zrmanja River in the southeast and was declared a nature reserve in 1982. There are also two national parks in the mountainous area: Northern Velebit and Paklenica. In our article about this majestic mountain range we have already summarized everything you need to know.


However, a hike should be well prepared and some may not dare to do it on their own initiative. Nevertheless, this should not stop anyone from discovering the beauty of this mythical mountain. A Velebit photo safari is the perfect opportunity to relax in nature and go on a little adventure at the same time. You think that is not possible? Let us convince you otherwise.

A number of local organizers offers day trips to the Velebit by jeep. Almost anyone can participate. You don't need any mountaineering experience and you don't have to meet any special physical requirements to participate. Even children can usually participate in such a tour, which is ideal for families. Regarding the minimum age, it is best to check directly with the organizer. An experienced guide will accompany you and enrich the excursion with interesting facts about the magical Velebit.

Sharpen your senses and let yourself be enchanted by the endless landscape and the secrets it holds. The great thing about a safari is that you can concentrate on the essential things. Take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of freedom in the breathtaking scenery of untouched nature.


What you need for a Velebit photo safari is sturdy shoes, a small backpack, rain gear (you never know), definitely sunscreen, something light and warm to wear (it can get quite chilly up there), a bottle of water, of course a camera and curiosity!

The duration of a day trip varies from 5 to 8 hours and of course there are breaks where you can refresh yourself and use local toilets. At various stops you will have the opportunity to explore the surroundings more closely and take photos. You will also have a nice lunch. The price for such safaris varies between 65 and 90 EUR per person. Guided tour, lunch, drinks, entrance to the national park as well as the ride in the jeep are usually included in the price. The only thing you need to organize yourself is the transfer to the agreed starting point. Unleash the adventurer in you and spend a wonderful day on the mysterious Velebit!

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