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Trogir - a city full of cultural beauties you have to visit while in Dalmatia

Trogir - a city full of cultural beauties you have to visit while in Dalmatia

Visit Trogir and its cultural heritage

Trogir is a historic town and port on the Adriatic coast, located in the Split-Dalmatia region. It is a small Dalmatian town rich in history, that constantly fascinates many tourists, tells its story from the time of the Greeks and Romans and is a great pleasure for all the senses. As a future guest in one of our beautiful villas in Trogir, we definitely recommend 8 cultural heritage sites that you should visit during your stay in Trogir.

1. Kamerlengo Tower is a fortress on the southwestern edge of the city of Trogir, at the corner of the walls. It was built in the 15th century, from 1420. to 1437., and was supposed to accommodate a military crew. Today the Kamerlengo Fort is the stage for numerous theatre performances and other outdoor cultural events.


2. Cipiko Palace - The owner of this palace is the Cipiko family, after whom the palace itself was named. It is a collection of several buildings that have the characteristics of Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic styles and are therefore combined into one. The south door of the palace has a short inscription "Nosce te ipsum", which in translation would mean "know yourself". You will see numerous and valuable works of art in the palace, and we definitely recommend a tour of the palace to experience its distinctive features.

3. City gates - 1953. Built in the Renaissance style. In the past this gate had a loggia on the east side, which used to accommodate travellers of that time. Today it features a gallery and a gift shop. In the northern part of the city gate there is a statue of St. John of Trogir, who is also the patron saint of the city of Trogir. If you want to take some souvenirs with you, you've come to the right place.

4. The Rector's Palace dates from the 13th century and was restored in the Renaissance style in the 19th century. The courtyard also contained a theatre, which was unfortunately destroyed. Today the buildings are houses of the city government, or the town hall.


5. Trogir Waterfront Promenade - if you want a little romance, we definitely recommend a relaxing stroll along the beautiful Trogir Waterfront Promenade, which is located in the southern part of the city. It was renovated in 2002. The wonderful waterfront promenade with view of the numerous yachts is simply overwhelming.

6. Cathedral of St. Laurentius - An interesting fact about this cathedral is that it was built for almost 300 years and is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Croatia. It took its final form in 1958. It has a bell tower 47 meters high. The interior of the cathedral is a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.


7. Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas - dates from the 11th century. Inside the monastery is a picture of the Virgin with a child and a stone relief of the ancient Greek God of the happy moment of Cairo from the 3rd or 4th century BC. Acoording to the legend, it will bring happiness to those who pull his tuft at the right moment. Try your luck :)

8. Last but not least: the Tree of love - as there is always time for love, an unusual tree in Trogir testifies to this, which the inhabitants of Trogir called "tree of love" because lovers always met under it. According to a romantic legend, a couple kissing in this place will always have eternal love in their hearts until their death.

We hope that we have aroused your curiosity in these places that exude historical charm. Step into the history of this beautiful city and convince yourself of its beauty.

Jelena Maric

+385 1 222 70 50