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The Island of Krk - about historical towns, fisherman villages, beaches and more

The Island of Krk - about historical towns, fisherman villages, beaches and more

Kvarner islands: part 2

Kvarner is one of Croatia´s most beautiful regions. It is probably the most diverse one, as it is spread over mountains, a coastal area and islands. The variety of landscapes that you will find in this relatively small surface is definitely unique- from the hilly mountain area to the nearest island with Mediterranean vegetation within just a short drive!

This text is focused on the islands of this region. The big advantage of these islands is their location that enables you to visit them, no matter where you rented your holiday villa in Istria or holiday villa in Dalmatia; Kvarner islands are either close or on the way to your final destination. If you are staying in one of our villas in Kvarner, you have no excuse to not discover a bit more of the area. Each of these islands is a true cultural and natural treasure, worth exploring. Besides the breathtaking nature, there are many cultural and historic landmarks like old forts, churches, and Glagolitic inscriptions. However, we are bringing you a few highlights that may encourage you to go ahead and use your holiday in our villas in Croatia to discover them.

Island of Krk

Let´s begin with the nearest one, that is connected to the coast by a bridge - the Island of Krk. Often called “the golden island”, Krk will not disappoint you. Already the drive over the bridge is offering a few really breathtaking views. Places across the island are well connected and if you are traveling by car, you can easily reach all of the island´s highlights.

Omisalj is the first place you can visit after crossing the Krk bridge. It is a historical town, situated at 85 meters above the sea level, surrounded by diverse beaches and many walking trails. It is interesting that Omisalj existed even more than 10 thousand years ago. The neighbouring places Soline and Klimno are famous for healing mud that, as believed, helps with a variety of problems connected to bone ache.


Heading a little bit further to the south, you will find Dobrinj - a village well known for its stone houses and narrow streets and above all, its tradition- traditional costumes, folklore events, the sopele school (Krk’s wind instrument) and the traditional home-made cuisine. Close to Dobrinj, you can visit the only cave on the island that is opened to visitors, cave Biserujka that, according to the legend, got its name from the pirates´ treasure that was found in it (pearls).

If you are here, don´t forget to visit Vrbnik. Vrbnik is a picturesque hilltop town, full of narrow stone streets, famous for the local wine, well known to every Croatian- Vrbnicka Zlahtina, made of the grapes of the surrounding vineyards. On the opposite side of the island, there is Malinska. It is one of the old fisherman villages, converted to today´s popular tourist destinations with a promenade in the center of the village offering a variety of bars and restaurants.


Moving further from Malinska to the south, you will get to the “capital” of the island- the city of Krk. The city is surrounded by preserved walls that are dating from the 1st century BC and dominated by the cathedral from the 5th century. You can get lost in the narrow streets of this beautiful city and discover something on each corner. Enjoy the warm evenings, the gastronomical offer and long walks along the promenade, as well as the charming surrounding beaches and walking trails.

Just after a short drive further from Krk, you will get to Punat, a small place with a narrow village center, a number of restaurants, and a wakeboard cable if you are up for some action. We can certainly recommend trying to fly along the island´s biggest zip line starting in the area between Krk and Baska. The very south of the island is reserved for the most beautiful beaches – the beaches of Baska and Stara Baska. Baska is famous for its beautiful long pebbled beach and a promenade along it with various bars and restaurants. Instead of lazing all day on the beach, take the hiking trail to Hlam, also called “Moon´s Trail” because of the moon-like landscape. It is something that not many tourists do, but we are sure you won´t regret it after seeing the stunning view from above! For those who prefer wild beaches, we definitely recommend Stara Baska (Old Baska).

What to do on the Island of Krk:
Stara Baska cliffy beaches, wakeboarding in Punat, Zipline in Baska, wine tasting in Vrbnik, excursion to Kosljun islet, Biserujka cave, mud bath in Klimno and Soline, diving, hiking, cycling…

The next island in the Kvarner region that we will write about is Cres- a magnificent island reachable also directly from the island of Krk.

Mateja Barisic

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