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North-western Istria: home of gastro delights, ancient towns and tennis!

North-western Istria: home of gastro delights, ancient towns and tennis!

Get to know the charm of north-western Istria

If you are looking for great beaches, gastro experience that will delight even the pickiest palates, cultural enrichment and great summer events, north-western Istria has abundance of things to offer.

Umag was proclaimed European Town of Sport 2018 due to the famous ATP tournament. This event that is held in July every year attracts tennis enthusiasts and fans from all over the world and has been awarded with numerous awards. If you are not that into tennis, but would like to keep active, we recommend a run along the western coast from the center of Umag to Savudrija, a 24 km long flat road route that has great views along the way. If diving is more of your thing, you could pay a visit to the Subaquatic diving center in Umag, which has also one of the longest Mediterranean diving season.

Umag has no shortage of beautiful beaches. Among the most popular ones are Laguna Stella Maris, Polynesia/Sol Katoro and Kanova beach at the Camping park in Umag, all of which met strict standards of Blue flag certification. For those guests that prefer nudist beaches, Umag has one of the best nudist camps in Croatia – Kanegra FKK.


Visiting Umag's Old Town is definitely a must when in Umag, as you walk down the cobblestoned streets surrounded by medieval architecture or along the medieval city walls, that tell a rich and turbulent history. When you would like to take a break from sightseeing, recommended is a visit to a traditional Istrian tavern (konoba) or maybe a free olive oil and wine tasting at Cuj. To immerse yourself in the diversity of city of Umag, you can book one of the villas in our offer in this versatile city.

To reach Savudrija from Umag, except the beforementioned running route, you could also take a glass-bottom boat, and the ride itself is about 2 hours. Another great activity you could take part in would be biking as Istria is popular for the numerous biking trails that run through the charming medieval towns, scattered roman empire ruins and beautiful valleys along the way and one that is specifically popular is Parenzana, that used to be a former railway for transport of agricultural products. It was renovated in 2002 to serve as a cycling trail.

Savudrija is also known as the windsurfing paradise as it is supplied constantly by the sea wind 'tramontana'. Those looking to practice their golfing skills can do so at the new golf course at Crveni vrh. One of the most famous landmarks in Savudrija is the oldest functioning lighthouse of the Adriatic, which you could also stay in.


Savudrija and its surroundings boast with many historical findings, ranging from those prehistoric to Roman and medieval up to beautiful Austrian villas. One of the most popular beaches in Savudrija is Kanegra, suitable for families with children. About 50m pebbly beach offers a pleasant shade with slight wind and calm water. If you would like to enjoy more tranquil surroundings that Savudrija has to offer, you could book a villa on our offer.

Novigrad is known for its Jacob’s scallops that are considered among the best in the world and in June there is a festival dedicated to this delicacy. There are also other great manifestations held during summer that are not to be missed like Novigrad Cultural Summer or Novigrad Music Nights, or the public fest of St. Pelagija, which goes on for several days at the end of August, where you have a chance to witness traditional folk games and try the local specialties.

Alongside a handful of lovely pebble beaches, which of many have Blue flags like Mareda or Maestral, one could also visit the waterpark Istralandia, that is a 10 minute’s drive from Novigrad, especially fun for families with children. Near Istralandia, you can find a true gem among gastro experiences – the San Rocco restaurant, that is member of the prestigious Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe international association and belongs to the very top of Croatian gastronomy and has been rewarded with prestigious awards.


Among the medieval walls, Renaissance towers, there is also Novigrad Riviera, best for strolls at sunset, that will awaken your romantic soul. If you would like to stay in this romantic harbor town, we suggest booking one of our villas.

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