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Istria and The Kvarner Bay - dive into their diverse health tourism offer

Istria and The Kvarner Bay - dive into their diverse health tourism offer

Explore what Istria and the Kvarner Bay have to offer in terms of health and wellness tourism!

Croatia is a desirable year-round destination as it unites beautiful environment, rich history and beneficial climate with rich tradition and cultural attractions. Her natural predispositions such as the mild, pleasant climate, numerous natural beauties and the close proximity to major European destinations have paved the path of Croatia to health tourism as early as the 19th century and continue to do so until this day.
No matter if you are struggling with a health concern or if you simply want to relax, we are sure that you will be able to find something suitable to fit your needs. And doing so will be much more comfortable from our lovely villas with pool. :)

Our exploration of Croatia´s health tourism starts with Istria - the ideal place to choose if you want a combination of rest, active life and relaxation. The sea water and sea air attract numerous visitors every year, playing an important part in human health. The carefully designed and comprehensive wellness offer, medical facilities, dental offices and thermal springs all appeal to guests who want to improve their appearance or simply reduce stress.
The Istarske Toplice, located near the towns of Motovun and Buzet, are definitely worth visiting if you are struggling with rheumatic diseases, upper respiratory tract problems, gynaecological issues or if you want to recover after a post-operative procedure.

They are the only thermal spring in Istria, established at the source of the medicinal water called Sveti Stjepan, whose water surfaces in Motovun and flows into the river Mirna. The warm, sulphuric, optimally radioactive water rich with minerals helps in relieving many ailments. Worth mentioning is also the hospital for orthopaedics and rehabilitations located in the romantic town of Rovinj. The hospital treatment is based primarily on physical therapy, rehabilitation, kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and thalassotherapy. The attractiveness of the hospital comes from the location in the immediate vicinity of the sea, surrounded by Mediterranean flora and overlooking the old town of Rovinj.


Apart from the beautiful sea, romantic hilltop villages, and the idyllic green interior help to restore your energy; from visiting historical towns and enjoying the region’s right cultural heritage to going to charming taverns offering local cuisine, following wine roads, or attending events held all the year round where everyone can find something they like.

Our journey continues to the Kvarner Bay known for it long tradition in tourism going back to the 19th century. The city of Opatija deserves to be emphasised with experience in tourism going back to 1844. The city became a climatic health resort by 1889. Thalassotherapia Opatija has over half a century of experience working in cardiology, rheumatic, psychiatric and dermatological illnesses. Thalassotherapy centres use the properties of sea water, algae and air in treatments aimed at increasing vitality and enhancing beauty. Opatija is a city of beautiful architecture and parks, a wonderful 12km long promenade along the sea. The city is located between the Ucka mountain and the sea, which also has a beneficial effect on human health.

Opatija remained to this day a popular tourist destination, famous for the rich offer of its wellness centres, as well as medical tourism. In the immediate vicinity of Opatija, in Lovran, you will also find an an institution for the treatment for orthopaedic illnesses.

From the islands we will mention the Island of Krk, an also well developed and popular tourist destination, which is apart from its rich history, known for its healing mud in the bay of Klimno and a new polyclinic for hemodialysis in Omisalj.

If you want to stay on the mainland, then visit The Crikvenica Riviera comprising of Crikvenica, Selce and Dramalj - known for its success in the prevention and treatment of respiratory illness, sports injuries and the improvement of fitness for athletes, preparation and care for divers etc.


Thalassotherapy Crikvenica is a special hospital for medical rehabilitation, providing treatment and rehabilitation for patients with respiratory diseases and rheumatism. The Terme Selce Polyclinic specialises in diagnostics, physical therapy and rehabilitation, sports medicine and special healthy living programmes.

And finally, if you want to go further south we will introduce you to the Dalmatia´s offer in out next article. Until then, relax in the comfort of your home while you plan your next trip, hopefully our villas with pool in Istria and Kvarner will offer you some inspiration to find a suitable accommodation from where you can further explore Croatia´s healing benefits. :)

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