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Gorski Kotar in the Kvarner region - an ideal destination for the whole family

Gorski Kotar in the Kvarner region - an ideal destination for the whole family

Take a look into the green heart of the Kvarner region!

If you want to spend your vacation in one of our villas in Kvarner, a trip to Gorski kotar is a must! Gorski Kotar is located directly at Kvarner and is a real attraction. In this article we present you some of the jewels of Croatian nature.

In the Skrad commune you will find three special features of nature - Vrazji prolaz (The Devil's Passage), Zeleni vir (The green Spring) and the Muzeva hisica Cave, which were declared a special geomorphological reserve in 1962.

Zeleni vir (The green Spring) is the spring at the bottom of a shallow cave, which is located under a 70 m high rock, and was named after the emerald green color of the lake water. A stream flows down the rock, creating a fascinating sight of a glittering curtain that covers the entrance to the rock.


Vrazji prolaz (The Devil's Passage) is one of the most beautiful Croatian canyons. Between the approximately 100 meter high rocks, the Jasle brook flows through the narrow, barely 2 m wide passage. To visit the Devil's Passage, you have to walk along the bridges while the stream flows beneath you. This unforgettable experience ends at the entrance to the Muzeva hisica Cave.

You enter the cave through a spacious hallway that leads you to a pond. The sight of the emerald green shiny water will simply fascinate you. This is where the rarest specimen of Croatian fauna was discovered - the olm.
An entrance ticket to these sights only costs 25 kn, and nearby you will find a hut that offers homemade dishes, game dishes and the famous strudel.

In the nearby village of Lokve there is another jewel of Croatian nature - the largest cave in the Gorski kotar region. The Lokvarka Cave was discovered by accident during the excavation of limestone in 1911. It includes six levels, of which the first four are opened to visit. The walk on the stairs in this breathtaking environment certainly leaves a deep impression. The length of the currently discovered part of the cave is 1179 meters and the depth is 275 meters. This magnificent show cave can be explored from Thursday to Saturday at the price of 60 kn.


While visiting Gorski Kotar, you should visit the popular village of Fuzine - one of the oldest tourist sites in Central Europe that hides numerous attractions, whereby visit to the beautiful 300m long Cave Vrelo is particularly impressive. Fuzine also offers a variety of sports activities. There you will find nine hiking and biking trails and the popular promenade around Lake Bajer. Of course, we do not need to emphasize that the restaurants offer a large variety of local homemade dishes and desserts.

In this part of Croatia there is also one of the national parks of Croatia - the Risnjak National Park. The wonderful view, which stretches from 1528 m high point to the Kvarner Bay, to Istria and the Julian Alps, will be remembered by every visitor. You can climb Risnjak mountain by several hiking trails, where you will find numerous attractions, such as Medvjeda sapa and Vucja jama, and at the top you will find a mountain hut where you can taste local specialties.


In the woodlands of Gorski Kotar is the area under the name of Velika Kapela. Velika Kapela hides one of the most impressive landscapes in Croatia - the Bijele and Samarske stijene (The White and Samarske Rocks) nature reserve. It is an area at 1225m above sea level, difficult to access, where you will find incredibly fantastic rock formations. The most impressive symbol of the rocks are the stone “Fingers” (“Prsti”) - five natural stone sculptures in the rock top, raised like a hand to the sky. Fascinating!

We have no doubt that during your stay in Kvarner you will spend your free time in the forest areas of Gorski Kotar discovering the hidden beauties of nature!

Martina Pozgajec

+385 1 222 70 50