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Croatia in autumn - an intense experience in peace and with all your senses

Croatia in autumn - an intense experience in peace and with all your senses

A pleasure for body and soul - treat yourself with Croatia in autumn

Wouldn't it be nice to spend a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of other tourists and still enjoy all the advantages of the country?

Pleasant temperatures of 20-25 degrees, sunshine, crystal clear sea, untouched nature, local specialties, impressive sights…. Enjoy them in peace with all your senses instead of just experiencing.
You can have it all when you come to Croatia in autumn. The summer heat is slowly subsiding, cities, nature parks and sights are no longer so overcrowded and everything is a bit more leisurely.

Autumn in Croatia is the perfect time for all athletes and active vacationers. Go hiking on the Ucka mountain or the Plitvice Lakes, explore the Croatian coast on a mountain bike, put your climbing skills to the test in the Paklenica National Park, have fun canoeing or rafting, or experience pure nature while mountain climbing on Velebit. A blaze of autumn colors and the warm light of the golden autumn sun will accompany you.

Explore big cities like Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik with their famous, historical sights without the usual crowds. Visit the Trsat Castle in Rijeka with an impressive view of the city, the almost empty Arena in Pula, listen to the sea organs in Zadar without background noise ...

Stroll through the cobbled streets of the smaller romantic towns like Rovinj, Malinska, Primosten or Korcula. Feel the serenity of the inhabitants of the old fishing villages. Stroll along Opatija's chic promenade and then have a good cup of coffee with a view of the sea, which glitters in the sun and creates a great backdrop with the fishing boats and the flying seagulls.


Autumn is also harvest time ... All gourmets will be happy because now, among other things, grape harvest, olive harvest, truffle hunt and chestnut picking take place.

Take part in the truffle hunt in the Istrian forests. Learn firsthand how truffle dogs work and how truffles are harvested. The truffle days are great to see what can be made from the truffles and how to make them into great dishes.

Help with the autumn grape harvest, which takes place in all regions of the country. Most of the time, the harvest workers can expect a lavish party with fresh roast lamb, music, dancing and of course wine. Visit one of the numerous wine cellars and see how the wine gets from the grape into your glass.


The olive harvest also takes place in autumn and be sure to partake if you have the opportunity. In Istria this takes place in September and October, in Dalmatia this time extends until November due to the mild temperatures. Visit one of the olive mills, take a look at the elaborate manufacturing process and learn how to taste olive oil.

Autumn is chestnut season in Croatia, too. While walking through the beautiful, colorful forests of Istria, you will hardly pass the chestnut trees. Be sure to visit the “Lovranska Marunada”, a chestnut festival that has been held annually since 1973 and attracts more and more visitors. Whether roasted chestnuts, chestnut paste, chestnut biscuits ... there is something for everyone here.


All those who want to enjoy the summer a little more, swim in the sea and bathe in the sun, should be told that this is usually still possible. The sea is still quite warm at 19-22 degrees and the difference to the outside temperature is minimal. Excellent for soaking up the sun and preparing for the cold, wet winter. Book one of our villas with a pool and enjoy the Indian summer in Croatia with all its splendid colors.

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