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A day trip to Venice - travelling from Istrian coastal towns by catamaran

A day trip to Venice  - travelling from Istrian coastal towns by catamaran

From Istria to St Mark's Square in two hours

If you have booked a villa in Istria and wish to make the most of your stay, then a trip to Venice from Istria is not a bad idea! It may seem that this magic city is far away, since it is in another country, but it is easier and faster to get to Venice from Istria than from some parts of Italy.
A trip to Venice from Porec, for example, takes approximately 2 hours. And there definitely won’t be any congestions and traffic jams on the route, but a rather smooth and comfortable ride on the Adriatic Sea and through the Venetian lagoon.

Venice is one of the most beautiful and special towns in the world, and it is world famous for its many canals and bridges, for its carnival and film festival.
It is a town that one should visit in a lifetime. As it is so very special, it has been the setting of many literary and cinematic masterpieces and should without doubt be the setting of one of your future holidays, at least for one day.


And exactly this is what many travel agencies offer, a day trip to Venice from the biggest Istrian coastal towns: Pula, Porec, Rovinj, Umag. The trip usually starts around 7 in the morning. Some agencies offer their guests free presentations about Venice and coffee and croissants to make their ride more comfortable. But a ride on the Adriatic Sea is interesting as such- the possibility to enjoy the sun and the sea and to reach Venice from the open sea is a great experience. The catamaran arrives in Venice around 10 a.m. This is when you can start to enjoy the narrow streets, numerous architectural masterpieces, the many bridges or a romantic gondola ride. Some agencies offer a guided tour, or you can hire a local guide who will show you the hidden gems of Venice or give you tips on where to eat, where to have a coffee etc.


The trip back to Istria usually starts at around 5 p.m., just in order that you can enjoy a beautiful evening in one of Istria’s stunning old towns, maybe in a nice restaurant with sea view, while you reminisce about your beautiful day in beautiful Venice.

The one-day trips are usually organised from April to October. We recommend to book a trip as soon as you arrive in Istria. Also,make sure to take a look at other suggestions regarding boat trips from Istria..

Book one of our beautiful villas in Istria and enjoy a day in Venice!

Sanda Kesedzic

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