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10 amazing ideas for vacation activities that your children will love!

10 amazing ideas for vacation activities that your children will love!

Create memories with your little ones and awaken your inner child with a plethora of fun family activities offered in Croatia.

We already wrote about zip lining in Croatia, the best diving spots and cycling and biking trails in Istria. Today we offer you 10 more ideas on what you can do with your children to have a fantastic holiday:

1. Visit an adventure park – the most famous one in Istria is probably Glavani park stretching over 2.5 hectares and the biggest adventure park in this part of Europe. Here you can enjoy the catapult, zip lining, quick jump and wall climbing. Another great option is the Sky Fox Adventure Park in Porec with different tracks adjusted to different age groups. Children, youngsters as well as adults can enjoy a wide variety of tracks, zip lining, human table football, footpool, quick jump and a bike track. If you are staying in one of our Villas in Dalmatia, there is the Mirnovec Fun Park located in Biograd. The park consists of three parts: the Universe, Pirate City and Wild West. You can enjoy crazy rides, magic performances, jugglers, circus, stand-up comedies and game halls.

2. Dolphin watching. Did you know that the sea in the Kvarner area around the island Losinj is a nature reserve for more than 180 dolphins? They have been providing scientists with valuable information about their behavior and habits for over 30 years now. Unfortunately, the dolphin count throughout the world is declining which is why it is important to help protect these intelligent species. Go on an organized excursion with an experienced crew and see these animals in their natural habitat. If you want to help the cause, there is the option to adopt a dolphin which every kid surely won´t be able to forget in a long time.


3. Visit an underwater park. Like the one in Punat on the island Krk or in Verudela (Pula). Take a different kind of walk and explore the underwater world wearing a secure helmet you can breathe in, feed the fish and explore old shipwrecks.

4. Take a family trip to the aquarium or semi-submarine. This is the safest way to learn about the wonderful creatures that inhabit the sea world which your children will surely love. There is an aquarium in most bigger towns and cities, such as Pula, Umag, Rovinj, Porec, Split and the island Krk.

5. Visit the Dinopark in Funtana, Porec. A part of the park is located on an old stone quarry where life-sized dinosaurs reside. The park is open since 2009. You can enjoy circus variete performances, a mini amusement park, children´s trains and roundabouts, trampolines, a dino shooting range and a playground. The children can experience riding dinosaurs and ponies or have a fun time on the swinging pirate ship Tortuga and attend workshops on excavating dinosaur fossils. A real dream come true for every adventurous explorer.

6. Learn about the stars and planets in one of the observatories. There is an observatory in Visnjan, ca. 16 km from Porec as well as in Pula, Rijeka, Mosor and Makarska.


7. Experience medieval times and mysteries in The Sanc. Michael Medieval Theme Park located on 26.000 square meters big plot, 3 km west of the town Svetivincenat. The castle offers a variety of medieval attractions such as a kid´s carousel and a huge catapult. Guests can also challenge their precision with the bow and arrow. The natural surroundings can be enjoyed learning to ride a horse, feeding and playing with animals whereas meals and drinks are served from autochthonous clay dishes.

8. Escape castle Svetivincenat - for this adventure you need to put together a team of 2-5 players, decipher codes, discover hidden objects and clues left by a mysterious knight. According to the legend only if you master all the seven temptations you will be able to pull the knight´s sword out of the rock and become the king of the castle. During or after the game, the visitors can visit the gallery and medieval weapons and the torture chamber.

9. Horseback riding – If you want to spend a day in nature with your kids, horseback riding might be the perfect idea. You will get the opportunity to spend some time with these noble creatures and also enjoy the fresh air. Horseback riding is available all throughout Istria and Central Dalmatia.


10. Truffle hunting in Istria is a nice idea for a unique day trip with the family. The children will get to spend time outdoors and enjoy the hunt with the dogs. Afterwards you can enjoy a nice truffle meal with the family. Just make sure to check yourself and the children for ticks after coming out of the woods.

So, there it is. Our 10 tips on what to do during your holiday with your children so that the entire family can have a wonderful time together. And, if you are looking for accommodation, we definitely recommend to check out our villas with pool in Istria and Dalmatia to round up the adventure. Have fun!

Monika Pranjic

+385 1 222 70 50