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Zip-lining in Croatia - A beautiful, exhilarating experience for nature lovers

 Zip-lining in Croatia - A beautiful, exhilarating experience for nature lovers

Take a deep breath and harness up for the adrenaline experience of a lifetime.

For the sake of the story, let's just say you woke up this morning with an idea that you absolutely have to try zip lining. As a matter of fact, you have to try zip line lining in Istria, and if you happen to stay in one of our gorgeous holiday villas.

You have been thinking about it a lot! (No, not really, I know.) Still, the idea lingers and your kids or your company is are thrilled with it. Good news! I have three awesome locations in Istria and close by for you to try harnessing for yourself and off you go flying across the cable into the trees, or rocks. These three should be a mouthful of zip line for an average holiday maker, or even for an adrenaline enthusiast, and for all of you craving more, read more articles from our guide, I am quite positive you will find the right amount of adrenaline in Istria. We all must agree a that zip line lining is definitely a unique way to experience beautiful Istria in a way you will remember. Forever. Well, here we go, exceed the expectations in everything!

Krk Island Zip Line

Edison Zipline is at the moment the longest zip line in Croatia. With a total length of over 2km, it is divided into 8 lines. For all adrenaline junkies or even the need for speed ones. The attraction is on the island of Krk, on the Treskavac bend, right on the D102 state road, and just to give you the idea, it’s in the mid south part of the island, close to Punat on the west or Baska on the southeast.

The starting point is also the highest point, and after you park the car in the designated lot, the kind staff of Edison Zipline will take you to right to the start where you will breathe in the mesmerizing sights and view of the south of Krk, with Baska and the small island of Prvic at your palm. Just wooow!

Various zip lines will take about two hours start to end, and you will be taken by the magnificent karsts landscape and the feeling of the Adriatic Sea practically dripping from your pockets. Memories and pictures in your mind will stay there forever. The zip line starts smartly with the Baby line where you get familiar with the basics and you get used to and prepare for the following. Before you start, the staff will familiarize you with the equipment, braking, and monkey style, the so called ground school, and tadaaaa! You are ready for the adventure of your lifetime at the speed of 80kmph! I’d say smaller kids, depending on their height, but approx. under the age of 9 will have to go in tandem, also make sure that you wear sneakers or hiking boots for your safety as the ground configuration requires it. The staff pays a lot of attention to safety in general, and you are in safe hands. For further details and booking call Igor on +385 (0)98 626 061 or write on [email protected] and visit the webpage.

sky view onto a town by a slope with a zip line strained across the canyon

Pazin Zip Line

The almost seven hundred meters long zip line over the canyon of the river Pazincica that runs beneath the Castle of Pazin, a town in mid Istria. Actually, the river literally goes under the town, making two underground lakes connected by a siphon. During rainy days when it gets filled up with water, the lake can get up to 2 km long.

It is a quite cinematic backdrop that inspired many artists and travel writers. Jules Verne, Dante, Leon Benett, and many more wrote about the Pazin canyon in their own imaginary way. The line is divided in 4 parts. Starting from the plateau under the famous Pazin hotel and restaurant Lovac, and finishing on the belvedere above the Grandma's house cave.

The first two lines are short, only 80m and they are sort of a test on your heart. They are not fast, and just in case you change your mind, you can get out after the first part. The third line is a bit longer, about 220m with an average speed of 50kmph on the maximum height of 100m, just above the sinkhole. Once you land (it seems forever), you are right in front of the Writer's house where the longest line starts. It is 280m long, and if you have endured so far, this one is long enough to let you enjoy the view of the abyss and the castle over the cliffs. It is an above exciting and breath taking experience suited for all family members. Note that children up to 16 years can use the zip line only with parents' permission, and children under 35kg can use the zip line only in tandem due to safety and harnessing systems. The full line will take about 55 minutes, depending on stops. The line operates in the summer season from 10am to 7pm, and in the winter season only by arrangement. The price is 20Eur pp, and yes, they accept all major credit cards. For all the details call Luka on +385 (0)91 168 3126 or just write on [email protected].

Glavani Park Zip Line

To this day I cannot tell exactly how many zip lines Glavani parks operates. I would say about 10. So, besides the fun place this adrenaline park is, the zip lines are made from very basic kiddy ones to the more demanding ones. The views of the park and the surrounding area are spectacular.

When you finish with all the possible routes you will try in this park, as I am sure it will drag your adrenaline craving spirit into it, and you try the easy zip lines, it is time for the Devil's causeway with the longest and the highest zip line, going over the bridge, and with a unicycle to operate!

Challenging enough? Yeah? Well, prepare to enjoy an 80m zip line from the black route to get here or a short climb on the ladder at the ramp, then a tiny zip line, and a short walk to the main tower over an easy bridge, and voila! You are there! The 120m zip line awaits with the blue mattress at the end where you stop and safely land. Don't worry; the zip will slow you down just before you reach the mattress. After this part ends, you can still change your mind and climb your way back.

If the dancing devil inside you is still not done, before you actually get to the unicycle, you will need to ride the skateboard with very precise directions from the instructor. The unicycle happens to be the most difficult part of the park (wonder why!!!?!). So, understandably, certain restrictions apply, besides any medical conditions that you have to consider in general when going to the adrenalin park, this part is not allowed for persons heavier than 95kg or persons not able to reach the pedals (still, you can walk the wire). After covering couple of safety measures and settling in your saddle, you will have to balance yourself and pedal as fast as possible, all the way. A lot of fun and challenge for all adrenaline levels. Once you get there you might as well try all the fun in the park. Nigel and Nevenko are two passionate enthusiasts and visionaries building this park from a scratch. The operating hours are every day from 9am. For all the details call Nigel on +385 (0)91 896 4525 or write on [email protected].

woman with backpack standing at the initial point of a zip line with canyon view

These three zip lines are in your range if staying in Istria, but besides that, they are among the top five in Croatia so you are off for great adrenaline fun. Even if you have experienced fear of heights, it is a part of the excitement, and once you start zipping, the fear will vanish, you will become possessed by the scenery as you howl with laughter.

And just a tip, I would not take the regular camera, nor smart phone, unless it is safely harnessed around the neck for practical use. The best idea is to attach a GoPro and film the whole thing. Remember, if you drop it, it is gone forever! So, take a deep breath and harness up to feel the air rush pass as you speed down the line, all spiced up with jaw-dropping views of the beautiful Croatia in an exhilarating experience. Whether you are looking for a family adventure or an afternoon adrenaline getaway, zip lining is for everyone.

Maris Vidovic

+385 1 222 70 50