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What regular costumers like about My Istria - a short interview with our guests

What regular costumers like about My Istria - a short interview with our guests

What our guests say about My Istria

You can probably imagine what it is like to work in tourism during the Corona crisis- you worry about every new decision of the governments and pray to God that the number of newly infected won’t rise.

We know that we all feel this way, no matter what kind of job we are doing, but if you, your colleagues and their families depend on the decision of one country leader, it is even more extreme. This is why we are intrigued by those guests who, year after year, decide to to spend their well-deserved holidays in our villas, and the corona years 2020 and 2021 are no exception. Today we interviewed one of our regular costumers, Mr Mahsum Akdag, and asked him why he decides to book with My Istria, year after year.

“Well… the platform is very simple..., the payment processing is simple. and My Istria’s descriptions really apply to the situation in the villa.

Since Mr Akdag booked already nine times via My Istria, we wanted to know what his favourite villas are, which is the hardest question, he says:
“I would choose two villas- Villa Campi and Villa Mali Vareski.
The size of Villa Campi is great, and there is the tennis court, and the host is very kind, actually everyone is very nice, but there was also the tennis court, mini golf ... so many leisure activities.
Then there is Villa Mali Vareski- the host Goran is very, very nice, and the house is one of the most beautiful houses I was ever in.”


We wondered what a regular guest is looking for when in the search of a new villa:
“So, we are looking for the exclusive, the ambience inside but also a large plot of land. The pool is a must. Most villas have pools, but it also needs to be very well maintained. But as I said, at My Istria it looks exactly like it is when it is booked.”


And to circle everything up, we asked about traveling in corona times, and we received the most loving answer:
“We have a company that is doing very well, regardless of Corona. We are not affected by Corona and I love the country Croatia, and I know that the tourism industry depends on it, and that's why I like to travel to Croatia and support where I can.”

It is always beautiful to hear something like that from your guests. If you haven’t yet booked with My Istria, we recommend you to give it a try. We hope that you will be as satisfied as Mr. Akdag:)
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