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We present the beautiful fig: a delicacy & source of health on the Croatian coast

We present the beautiful fig: a delicacy & source of health on the Croatian coast

Let me introduce you to… our darling, the fig!

When thinking about summer and the Mediterranean mostly factors like sun and beach come to mind along with - of course ;-) - delicate local dishes. But some actually add one more synonym for summer - the fig. Even though this fruit is very well-known to locals, it is still not given enough appreciation in general. This leaves one question, why is this specific fruit considered the Fruit of Heaven?

This green or purple coloured fruit is technically not a fruit but rather an inverted flower. Supposedly, the fig (ficus carica) originated in the Southwestern part of Asia and across the Mediterranean region. It seems that humans have enjoyed figs even before they started to cultivate staples as wheat, barley and legume. Moreover, the fig in particular is mentioned in holy scriptures several times. Following that and the medicinal value, this fruit is referred to as a Fruit of Heaven or a Holy Fruit.

Most of the fig trees in Croatia can be found mainly on the west coast of Istria and in Dalmatia. The fruit can be consumed fresh or dried, but is also used as an ingredient to produce jam, liqueurs or medicine. While the peak season in Croatia for fresh figs is June to October, dried ones can be enjoyed all year long. Nevertheless, both come with numerous health benefits. Among others, figs are rich in minerals and vitamins. It is often mentioned that the compounds act anti-carcinogenic. Hence, figs can help to prevent and treat various diseases.


The leaf of a fig tree, can be used to make delicious tea in order to ease throat ache. The white creamy fluid, which appears when picking a fresh fig, may be helpful to treat skin problems such as corns and warts. Also, imagine you are at the beach, enjoying, swimming and suddenly it happens - a sea urchin sting! But it gets even worse, you cannot remove all the thorns by yourself. Here is what you should try: pick a fresh fig, put the white creamy fluid on the sting and watch a little miracle happening… in most cases the rest of the thorns will come out themselves. So keep this insider tip in mind for you next vacation and share it! ;-)

If you are lucky enough and it’s the season of figs, make sure to eat them in the morning as a healthy breakfast. Add some homemade local honey, maybe some walnuts as well, and you will get a true one-of-kind breakfast experience! It is not just a coincidence that local restaurants include figs into their menu, especially in combination with prosciutto, cheese and olive oil. Some may even offer fig vinegar or fig liqueur - do not miss out on this opportunity!


Fresh figs are a delicacy, for sure, but do not underestimate dried ones. Dried figs are great for digestive problems and help to lower blood pressure or lose weight. Local recipes often combine dried figs and olive oil. This combination should help with issues like infertility, bronchitis or asthma, making it a “gold-worthy medicine”. Hence, dried figs are also referred to as Dry Gold.

To conclude, the Fruit of Heaven is truly one of a kind and the Croatian coast is blessed with this gift. Therefore, keep that in mind for your next stay at one of our villas in Dalmatia or Istria. And last but not least, the Dry Gold is also a great edible souvenir to take with you - for others and yourself, of course. :-)

Antonela Grgic

+385 1 222 70 50