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We bring you the list of the best Dalmatian seafood specialties in Croatia

We bring you the list of the best Dalmatian seafood specialties in Croatia

Dive into the rich taste of the Croatian seafood dishes

(Usage advisory: do not read this post if you are hungry.)
Although in one of my last posts I mentioned that Croatia is a small country, when it comes to food, its variety of tasteful specialties is more than big. Croatian gastronomy reflects historical and geographical influences. For this reason it is not possible to define a typical Croatian dish, but a local cuisine typical for a certain region. While in the typical dishes in the northern and eastern part of Croatia you can notice Austrian, Hungarian, Slavic and even Turkish influence, in the coastal regions dominates the Mediterranean cuisine. In these couple of posts I will try to give a short overview of what to taste while staying in our beautiful villas in Istria or villas in Dalmatia. Are you ready for local specialties on the coast? :)

Even if it’s not directly typical for the coast, prsut (prosciutto) is at the top of the Croatian gastronomy. Often an appetizer, it can also be a part of a main dish to give it a better taste. Or just imagine yourself lying next to the pool, enjoying a glass of your favourite drink and a slice of prosciutto! My favourite is thinly sliced and served with local cheese and homemade bread as a snack during a glass of conversation. ;)
But when on the coast, fresh seafood is a must! Let me list some of the typical Croatian seafood dishes:
  • Fresh fish from the grill, usually served with steamed chard and boiled potatoes, is always a good idea. Try it with homemade olive oil, parsley, garlic and lemon juice which really adds a kick to the flavour.
  • Fish stew brodet is usually served with polenta.
  • Squids – it is hard to tell if they taste better grilled, fried or stuffed e.g. with prosciutto. 
  • Octopus can also be prepared in many different ways. For instance it can be served as a salad for the appetizer or as a main dish in a pot which is put into the embers of a fireplace (in Croatian peka). Life decisions can be really hard sometimes ;)
  • Scampi, oysters or scallop shells are highly prized delicacies, which can be prepared in many different ways.
  • Cuttlefish risotto and seafood risotto are exceptional gourmet delights.
Of course all these specialties taste even more delicious with seasonal vegetables, aromatic spices, Mediterranean herbs, the already mentioned omnipresent olive oil or homemade pasta. And to complete this gastronomic story, have a glass or two of Malvasia or some other Croatian sort. Until next time – dobar tek! Zivjeli! :)

Nikolina Mladic

+385 1 222 70 50