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Waterparks in Istria - Aquacolors and Istralandia promise fun for everyone

Waterparks in Istria - Aquacolors and Istralandia promise fun for everyone

A splashy fun for the whole family

Who doesn't like water and especially playing with it? Istria has two great waterparks, Aquacolors and Istralandia. All the activities and slides they provide will put a different smile on your face. The water splashing sound and laughs bring great feelings and the music in the background will make you dance and have even more fun. When you enter those parks, you have to try all and enjoy until the end.

«Aquacolors» is the biggest water park in Croatia, located in Istria near Porec. They have 13 slides for the little ones and for the bravest who like a touch of adrenaline :). All slides together are longer than one kilometer, and we are sure you will want to try each and every kilometer of it.
You just have to choose if you want the longest, highest or fastest slide. The water-park is literally filled with colors, places to tan or to hide in the shadow, places to drink and eat whatever you wish, plus ice cream spots everywhere. While children are making plans on how to enjoy and make new friends, the parents have a massage spot, to relax. «Aquacolors» is open from June to September and you can check all information on their website.

Man and woman with two kids with diving goggles and water wings in a water park

«Istralandia» is the most amusing water-park in northern part of central Istria. This water-park is perfectly suited for to small children with a special part just for them. 12 slides with sound and light effects will take you to another dimension in which the whole family can enjoy.

So many options to experience with the youngest members of your family in the Pirate castle, Mini surf or Top gun slide. Of course, they have slides to make your heart beat faster, one that will make you close your eyes to go through it, but when you come to the end you just want to repeat it again with eyes wide open. Every day there is special. Why? Because one day you can learn how to dance, or find pirates fighting around, or they will have a foam party or a concert, you never know what will surprise you. Check the website to see more details.

Enrich your vacation with more details so you feel like home in Istria. We can make your vacation a paradise vacation and feel free to try it. Check our villas near Porec and the rest of Istria. We are sure you will find the perfect place to have even more unforgettable, beautiful and complete vacation that you deserve. www.myistria.com is here for you.

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