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Vrana Lake Nature Park - place of peace that also stands for active holidays in the Zadar region

Vrana Lake Nature Park - place of peace that also stands for active holidays in the Zadar region

Come, explore… and leave with the desire to return here as soon as possible

It is no secret that the Adriatic Highway is a route along Croatia’s coastline with magnificent views. Actually, right next to Biograd na Moru, between the two historic cities of Zadar and Sibenik, you will catch sight of an exceptional natural phenomenon - on one side you’ll see the Adriatic sea, on the other side the freshwater Vrana lake. Now, what’s so special about it?

Well, let’s start with the fact that the distance between those two is less than one kilometre and that it’s the largest natural lake in Croatia. The lake is part of the Nature Park Vrana Lake and stretches from Pakostane to Pirovac, covering an area of approximately 57 square kilometres. The sea and the lake are interconnected through a ridge and the Prosika canal. As salt water flows into the freshwater lake, the lake is home to sea as well as freshwater fish, which makes it attractive for sport and recreational fishing enthusiasts. Besides fishing, visitors can kayak around the lake and look at the surrounding hill from the front row.


But this nature park has much more to offer. Swimming, horseback riding or even a combination of the two, swimming with horses - yes it’s possible here! Additionally, there are about 40 kilometres of cycling and hiking trails around the lake - don’t forget to bring enough drinking water! No matter what you decide, you will have a great experience at Nature Park Vrana Lake. Just soak up the wonderful atmosphere and enjoy the incredible view of the lake as well as the surrounding area including Murter and the Kornati archipelago. Moreover, the routes are quite educational - you’ll come across several display boards giving you information about this park. :)

If you want to “meet” some fascinating creatures, make sure to come in the morning or evening hours. This nature park is the habitat of various animals. In particular, more than 256 bird species have been registered here. Therefore, part of the park was declared an Ornithological Reserve and is listed as one of the “Important Bird Areas in Europe”. To top that, more than 100.000 aquatic birds come to Vrana lake to spend the winter here - so it’s definitely worth visiting off-season as well.


At the highest peak of the park, the viewpoint “Kamenjak”, you’ll be blessed with a one-of-a-kind view. You’ll be able to see three completely different landscapes at once - the coastline, the rich archipelago, the Mediterranean swamp and the villages of Ravni Kotari right behind the hill. Up there you’ll also find the Chapel of All Saints and a traditional Dalmatian tavern, where you can enjoy a picturesque view with local delicacies such as cheese, prosciutto and figs.

If you reach the top of the hill in the morning, the different shades of colors of the deep blue Adriatic sea and the turquoise Vrana lake will leave you speechless. But still, the same thing will happen if you decide to let the evening fade away whilst watching an amazing sunset. Either way, you’ll surely leave this place with a lot of unforgettable moments and the desire to return. :)

Antonela Grgic

+385 1 222 70 50