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Visit Velebit House & discover unseen parts of the largest mountain in Croatia

Visit Velebit House & discover unseen parts of the largest mountain in Croatia

A house for the whole family!

If you are staying in one of our beautiful villas in Croatia, whether in the Kvarner region or in Dalmatia, the mighty mountain Velebit will surely be on your way.
Take the opportunity and visit the lovely village Krasno in Velebit´s hinterland and discover this laid back, but very interesting part of Croatia. The place Krasno is not only one of the starting points for discovering Velebit and visiting the National Park Northern Velebit but is also the home of the Velebit House- the visitors´ and information center of the National Park.


The Velebit House consists of four floors, connecting several topics and presenting all-natural and cultural treasures of Velebit.
Here you can learn about biodiversity, many plant species, birds, insects, and beasts. You can learn all about the great diversity of Velebit´s unique karst forms.

Velebit has a huge underground area. By 2017, about 440 speleological features were discovered and most of them are not open for tourism, recreatives, and others due to the fact that this area is home to many endemic species that must be protected. So, the House of Velebit will show you all that you cannot experience live. Here you will be able to see the mysterious underground world of Velebit through Lukina Jama- the deepest pit of the Dinaric Alps. You will see the flora and fauna that you did not see before and become a speleologist for a moment.


In the Velebit House, you can also learn a lot about meteorology. You can even use the laboratory and check historic instruments that were used for observing weather conditions.
Besides all that, the Velebit House will tell you about the life and culture of Velebit´s inhabitants.

All the above mentioned and much more waits for you in the Velebit House through a modern and interesting interactive exhibition. Velebit house will fulfill your day with interesting and educative content, that both, adults and children will enjoy.

Mateja Barisic

+385 1 222 70 50