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Visit Solin in Dalmatia - the forgotten city of the Roman Empire!

Visit Solin in Dalmatia - the forgotten city of the Roman Empire!

Take a trip to the ancient times

If you spend your vacation in one of our villas in Dalmatia, a variety of sights awaits you, whereby the small town of Solin is particularly worth a visit!

Magnificent nature, numerous historical sights, ancient archaeological sites... All of this can be found in Solin or, better said, Salona, the settlement of the ancient Romans.

This small town is located only 8 km from the city of Split and we could say it is the suburb of Split. However, until the 8th century, Solin was the most important city in Dalmatia with over 60,000 inhabitants. That is why this town is often called the cradle of Croatian history.

Why did the small town of Solin play such an important role in the past? The settlement of Salona, today's Solin, was conquered by the Greeks in the 4th century BC because of its favorable location on the Jadro River at the crossroads between the coastal road and a road leading inland. Later, in the 1st century BC the settlement was founded by Julius Caesar as one of the Roman colonies and named the administrative center of the province of Illyria, or Dalmatia. Thanks to its special location, Salona also served as the summer residence of Emperor Diocletian.
In the period from 4th to 6th century Salona was an important Christian center until it was conquered by Slavs and Avars. Even today, many archaeological sites testify to the great importance of the former metropolis of Dalmatia. In the heart of Solin you will find the archaeological finds of the ancient settlement of Salona, which represent a vivid picture of the city at that time. Everywhere you will find relics from Roman times, ruins of temples, walls and churches in amazingly good condition, where you will be fascinated by the ruins of the basilica, the amphitheater and numerous ancient columns.


So which sights in Solin are worth visiting?

In the city center you will find the largest archaeological park in Croatia with magnificent city walls, amazing towers and remains of the Roman Porta Caesarea, the spacious forum with temples and the beautiful amphitheater.
From the later period you will find the remains of old Christian churches as well as the remains of the Roman and early Christian cemetery (Manastirine) and a monastery. In this city is also the oldest Marian shrine in Croatia, which was founded by Queen Jelena more than a thousand years ago.

view-from-above-jadro-river-at a-garden-with-a-white-church-in-the.distance

In the wonderful surroundings you will find the remains of the Gradina fortress from the Turkish period. Nearby you can also visit the 18th century Gaspine mlinice mill. Especially worth a visit is the Hollow Church, the coronation basilica of King Zvonimir, where King Zvonimir was crowned King of Croatia and Dalmatia at the beginning of the 11th century.
Outside the town center, there is also the Vranjic peninsula, where you should visit Croatia's largest marine aquarium.

Since Solin is so close to other larger towns like Split, Zadar and Trogir, this breathtaking destination with rich cultural heritage is definitely a must during your trip to Dalmatia!

Martina Pozgajec

+385 1 222 70 50