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Visit Omis and experience an unforgettable adventure vacation in Dalmatia

Visit Omis and experience an unforgettable adventure vacation in Dalmatia

Are you up for an adventure? Enjoy Dalmatia’s nature actively.

Omis is a city located in the southern part of Croatia in the middle of the beautiful region of Dalmatia, just 21 km away from Split and 36 km from Makarska. Let us first tell you something about the history and rich tradition of this little city, beautifully trapped between the seashore, the river bank, and amazing mountains. Afterwards, we will introduce you with its amazing offer, you will love if you are into an active vacation. You will find out why Omis is the heart of adventure tourism in Dalmatia.

Before we tackle geography, did you know that Omis is best known for its festival of Dalmatian klapa´s dating back 1967? Klapa music is a form of traditional singing in Dalmatia. The word klapa translates as "a group of friends" and traces its roots to littoral church singing. When the festival started, the contestants were only singing a cappella, now there are modern versions with instruments and also female klapa groups. An interesting fact is that this type of singing is a part of UNESCOs intangible heritage of Croatia.
This charming city is surely most popular for its pirate history. Some historic, architectural sights confirm this - the pirate fortress Mirabela from the 13th century, for example. According to legends, the pirates of Omis have been one of the most dangerous in the whole Mediterranean area. Each year there is a manifestation reconstructing the old pirate battles like the ones dating back to the times of the Venetian reign. Another fortress, also used by pirates to protect the city from attacks is Fortica - definitely worth visiting. You can use this, approximately one hour hike, to get warmed up for other adventures awaiting. When reaching the top, it offers breathtaking views on the nearby islands of Hvar, Brac and Solta.

Now, let's get to a list of the most common adventure activities you can enjoy in Omis:


If a simple bicycle ride won't quench the adrenaline thirst, there is a special way to get on the top of the mountains surrounding Omis. Rent a special mountain bike and boost your stamina while cycling and enjoying nature. On the peak, the treat awaits — a magnificent view over the city and seaside.

Hiking & canyoning

Did you know that Omis is one of the main hiking destinations with more than 46 climbing trails and hiking directions? Wherever you go, you will pass a path that will lead you through untouched nature to any hidden place you can not find on tourist maps. The mountains surrounding Omis are the Omis Dinara, Komorjak and Mosor. If you like the idea of rafting, but want it to be more active - try canyoning. You will have all the necessary gear on your expedition while running through crystal clear water, the rapids, swim in a natural pool, pass subterranean tunnels or just stand in the middle of the Cetina canyon.

a man with equipment on a rope climbing down a steep cliff with waterfall

Rafting & kayaking

The best way to feel the nature, enjoy the cold and clear river and look up to the high cliffs is by trying rafting and kayaking. Have fun while sliding through river rapids and underneath waterfalls in this 10 km descent taking approximately 3 hours. This river is ideal for beginners and no previous experience is needed but if you feel like challenging yourself a bit, try kayaking. Due to a different shape of the “boat”, it makes it a bit more tricky to control. Of course, you will be trained before and accompanied by an expert instructor.

Rock climbing

The surrounding mountains and cliffs of Omis offer perfect rock-climbing conditions for all ranks of climbers - beginners and experienced rock climbers, ready for massive cliffs. You will get your helmet, harness and ropes and climbing shoes along with the guided assistance. This area counts more than 300 routes, most of them easily accessible, located around the canyon. The difficulties of the routes are varying from easier (4a) to difficult (8b) along with diverse rock orientation (mostly limestone).

Zip line

This is the perfect activity for you if you want to make unforgettable (adrenaline-packed) memories on your holiday. Imagine walking above the Cetina canyon on one of the 8 steel cables. Don't worry, before trying out the long cables you will be professionally tutored while trying to walk on shorter, 25 m long cables. Enjoy the stunning scenery from this unique position.

If you are interested in a zip line adventure in Istria, read more about it in one of our previous articles.

Adventure on the beach - Diving and windsurfing

If you thought you tried everything in Omis, we are here to surprise you. Because there are numerous windy days in the summer (don't worry, this is a pleasant sea wind in the summer, called maestral), you can try out wind surfing. As the locals say “if you don't like surfing it just means that you still haven't tried it!” There are offers for beginners, professionals and kids.
We recommend visiting the beaches of Lokva Rogoznica (small old, now touristy village close to Omis) and Ribnjak area.
One more interesting fact! According to the legend, somewhere near the central beach of Omis, there is a sunken ship from the second world war, it is at a depth of only 3m, so maybe you can find it.

many people on surf boards with colorful sails at windsurfing on the blue sea

We hope to have woken up your interest in this little city. Hopefully, it will become a part of your desired destinations list, while staying in one of our wonderful villas near Split or Makarska.

Marta Lucic

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