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Visit lovely Vrsar and get to know one of Casanova's famous destinations

Visit lovely Vrsar and get to know one of Casanova's famous destinations

Visit Vrsar and travel back in time

Vrsar is a small Istrian fishing village with a long history and enchanting beauties of unspoiled nature. The town offers a variety of historical and cultural attractions, and there are numerous hiking and biking trails that you can enjoy in the area. This town is located on the West Coast of Istria between the towns of Porec and Rovinj, at the entrance to the Lim Bay, while on the other side there is an archipelago of 18 islands.

Vrsar is a paradise for tourists who want to get away from the hustle of the big cities and relax in the peaceful Istrian countryside. However, this little town is known not only as a travel destination. Although Vrsar was just an outdated feudal town in the past, it is also associated with interesting events from the exciting life of the world-famous seducer Casanova. Already at first glance at the medieval old town of Vrsar on the hilly peninsula you can imagine the backdrop of one of the anecdotes of the famous Casanova.


Giacomo Casanova visited the town in the middle of the 18th century. At the time, this famous seducer was just an ordinary poor priest who spent a few days in Vrsar. However, his travels took him back to this town a few years later when the Venetian ship landed in the port of Vrsar. But this time Casanova did not appear in the uniform of a priest, but as a seductive man in splendid clothes. Casanova described his stay in Vrsar in detail in his memoirs, from which we learn that, despite all the prohibitions, he had a turbulent affair with the servant of a local priest.

This is only a small part of Casanova's interesting visit to Vrsar. You can find all the details in an organized town tour. Take part in the "Casanova Tour" and take a romantic walk through Vrsar under the guidance of an expert. It is an interactive tour led by actors of “Istra Inspirita”. The tour starts on the seaside promenade, continues in the old town and the nearby viewpoints, and ends in the accommodation, where Casanova stayed during his first visit to Vrsar.

Although you will enjoy the sights of Vrsar during this tour, we definitely recommend exploring the surrounding area. Since the area offers many beauties of unspoiled nature, there are numerous activities available, not only for professionals, but also for the youngest.


We would definitely recommend taking part in the "Limes Bike Tour". It's a bike tour that is suitable not only for professionals but also for families with children. The route starts on the Vrsar seaside promenade, goes all the way through the Kontija forest and ends again on the seaside promenade. During the trip, be sure to stop at the Pirate Cave on the hills of the Lim Canal, where you can enjoy an indescribably beautiful view.

In addition to the bike tour, this area offers many other sports activities as part of the "Lim Bay Challenge". It's a four-day event that includes numerous races and organized tours, from yoga and Nordic walking to sport climbing or kayaking. All activities that the "Lim Bay Challenge" has to offer can be found under the following link: https://www.limbaychallenge.com/hr/

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to another attraction and popular tourist destination - Koversada. Koversada is the first and largest naturist camp in Europe. If you dare to visit the nudist beach, this paradise surrounded by the unspoiled nature of Lim Bay is an inevitable destination.

If you decide to spend your vacation in one of our villas near Porec or Rovinj, you will surely look forward to visiting Vrsar, whether you want to visit the sights in town or spend an active vacation in its surroundings. And don't forget to take a photo next to the statue of Casanova in the old town of Vrsar!

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