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Visit Kotli - the abandoned mill village in Istria is now a real green oasis

Visit Kotli - the abandoned mill village in Istria is now a real green oasis

Peaceful oasis you simply should not miss!

We are sure that you have come across many beautiful and magical places while exploring Istria. From the largest city of Pula in the south, all the way to the lighthouse Savudrija in the northern part of this peninsula, Istria offers something for every visitor.
We have found a little oasis, hidden in the northern part of Istria - the village of Kotli or Kotle, which we are sure will delight you with its picturesque nature.

Kotli looks a little bit like "Pamukkale", a complex of mineral springs in southwestern Turkey, which consists of shallow terraced pools. These natural spas are a real attraction to visitors from all over the world.
The turquoise shallow pools are created by overflowing mineral water and mineral sedimentation, and are an ideal place to relax.

Although they resemble these natural pools in Turkey, the village of Kotli is much smaller. However, we can be honoured that we have such a natural phenomenon in Croatia, so we can easily visit it throughout the year. This natural paradise in the northern part of Istria attracts its visitors with unpolluted nature, waterfalls and turquoise pools.


The village of Kotli is located between the towns of Buzet and Pazin, and its nearest settlement Hum, only has thirty inhabitants. In the Recina valley, the river Mirna made indentations in the limestone, after which this settlement got its name. This magical place is ideal for swimming, but keep in mind that during the summer, due to the drought, the pools dry up. But when it rains, this place turns into a real natural spa oasis. Therefore, if you want to bathe in this natural spring, be sure to stop by the village of Kotli.

In this region, time seems to have stopped, but the river Mirna still flows. Precisely because of its isolation, this hidden gem has retained its appearance since the 19th century.
The village of Kotli is a green oasis, in the former kingdom of mills. There were 60 mills in function, of which only one is still working today. Once upon a time, this village was one of the strongest economical regions in the Hum municipality, known for its tailors and millers. Even today, visitors can see the old mill that defies time.

You can reach the mill by a small path on the right side of the river Mirna. Although no one has lived in this settlement for 40 years, it is very popular. In fact, the eco village has become a favourite destination for nature lovers so you will rarely see this place without people.


There used to be 17 families living in this community. But, in pursuit of a better life, families began to leave this village in the 1960s. Although abandoned, this village still attracts visitors with its natural oasis. We recommend that you visit the village of Kotli in the spring or autumn when these are full of clean natural water. In the summer, this region is dry so you can walk around the pools. And if you are lucky, during heavy summer rains, this area can easily replace any spa and Istrian beach.

When you find the village of Kotli, you simply cannot believe that such an oasis exists in Istria. Visitors are attracted by the peace and quiet, unspoiled nature, swimming in the stone hollows of the riverbed that are like natural jacuzzis and of course the local Istrian cuisine.

Be sure not to miss the tavern "Kotlic" which, besides offering a fantastic view of the turquoise pools, also offers top Istrian specialties, such as prosciutto, dishes with truffles and homemade pasta with beef stew.

Kotli are definitely one of the unavoidable Istrian destinations, and will provide an unforgettable experience for your whole family. If you are staying in one of our villas near this hidden village, then be sure to stop by and see it for yourself.

This is another attraction in Istria waiting for your visit!

Kristina Nikesic

+385 1 222 70 50