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Visit Konavle region in South Dalmatia and discover its unique beauties

Visit Konavle region in South Dalmatia and discover its unique beauties

Go to the end - visit Konavle!

Welcome - you have reached the southernmost end of Croatia. But your journey doesn't end here - it has just started!

Let me first introduce you to the Konavle region, before we take a look at the individual features: a total of 33 villages spread out between fields, orchards, vineyards, gardens near the coast and barren hillsides inland. The Snijeznica summit at 1254m stands out as the highest point.

Konavle got its name in ancient times becacuse of the canals that supplied water to Cavtat from the village of Vodovada.
A Legend says that once a rich landlord competed for the only daughter of the King of Epidaurus, Cavtislava, by building a water pipe to meet one of the conditions of the king. However, one of his competitors threw a lizard into one of the channels to sabotage him. This lizard got into the water glass of the princess and – literally scared her to death- her heart stopped and she died. In her honour, the city was named Cavtat.

Incidentally, the city of Cavtat is the largest of the 33 and, alongside Molunat, the only one that lies directly on the sea. The promenade, the narrow streets and the architecture clearly show the connection to Dubrovnik. A wide range of gastronomy, cultural events, sports facilities and many hidden bays and beaches make Cavtat an "all-rounder" for vacationers. The hospitable town also does everything to sweeten its guests' stay.


The pride of Cilipi is the largest church in Konavle, St. Nicholas Church, on whose church square numerous folklore performances take place. The homeland house maintains a rich ethnographic collection and brings history and tradition closer to its guests, while in the immediate vicinity of Cilipi, Dubrovnik Airport inevitably reflects the progress of time.

A little further south is Pasjaca, a small, narrow beach at the foot of a steep rock face, the outstanding boulders of which may seem somewhat threatening to some. But Pasjaca has often been included in the list of the world's best beaches with its fascinating appearance, and rightly so.

beautiful-narrow-pepple-beach-beneath-a-steep-rocky-wall-with turqouise-blue-sea-in-front

Molunat - is a rather quiet fishing village that offers everything a guest needs here, but without unnecessary hustle and bustle. Located in a nature reserve with diverse vegetation, it smells of herbs and oleanders everywhere. The sea in its sheltered bays gets warm earlier, because there are no strong currents and hardly any cold winds that cool it. They are also very popular with divers, but especially with families with children who appreciate the sandy, shallow pebble beaches.

Now we really come to the southernmost point of the Croatian mainland ...
If you made it to Konavle, it would be a shame if you hadn't seen the Prevlaka peninsula. The fortress on Cape Ostra, built in the middle of the 19th century, is renovated, but is partially accessible and offers a fantastic view of the open sea, Montenegro and its Kotor Bay. If the weather is good you can also see Italy.

For today our trip ends here, but if you have booked one of our villas in South Dalmatia, you will still have plenty of time to discover the special features of the Konavle region.
I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Daniela Vuleta

+385 1 222 70 50