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Visit Dubrovnik - a must see jewel of the stunning Croatian Adriatic coast

Visit Dubrovnik - a must see jewel of the stunning Croatian Adriatic coast

The gem of Croatia

When you begin to talk about Dubrovnik, you don’t know at all where to start from.
It feels like opening an old jewellery case: Everywhere it is shining and sparkling, you’re astonished, fascinated and besotted, but still asking yourself … “could this be real?”
Find out for yourself!

In Dubrovnik, ancient history is meeting contemporary fiction. Since the HBO series “Game Of Thrones” even movie travellers are drawn to Dubrovnik. You can discover most of the film locations starting with the Arboretum in the little village of Trsteno, then by walking through the old town and stopping by at Fort Lovrijenac to the point of the island Lokrum.
In 2016 the main street Stradun served as a scenery for the city Canto Bight in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

Unreal, as many of these sceneries may appear to be, they aren’t so wrong at all.
Real relentless battles took place, in fact, throughout Dubrovnik’s centuries-old history.
What once started as the maritime Republic of Ragusa and successfully stroke back at Turks and Venetians, became the proud city of Dubrovnik as we know it today.

If you have booked a stay in one of our gorgeous villas in Dalmatia, we recommend to take a short trip to Dubrovnik - no matter if you are a movie fan or not.
After all, in 1979, Dubrovnik`s old town - surrounded by its 2km long city wall - became one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites.
Dubrovnik, with approximately 50.000 residents, is located at the very south of Croatia and is often called “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Well deserved, as you will realise during your stay there.

The best is to start a city tour at the famous Pile Gate, where you climb the city walls with its forts Minceta and Bokar. From this point you will have remarkable views over the beautiful old town and the old city harbour. Fort Lovrijenac, upon its hill right in front of the city, makes an extremely impressive impact.

Fort Lovrijenac, also known as Dubrovnik's Gibraltar, is 37 m above sea level

The old town is peppered with architectural sights from the gothic, renaissance and baroque era. Everyone who is interested in this kind of sights, should see the cathedral and the bell tower with 31m height, the church of St. Blaise, Sponza Palace at Placa Luza, the Rector`s Palace, the custom house and the city hall. The Onofrio fountain is an ideal meeting point and offers a welcome refreshment for the visitors with its fresh drinking water.

Stradun, the fancy promenade of the city, with its sophisticated stores, a bit tacky souvenir shops and little cafes gives off the sweet scent of “see and be seen” and invites you to linger.
If you take a glimpse into the small shady side streets, you’ll discover the many restaurants that offer a lot of regional specialities, fresh fish and sea food.

Besides all the glory we usually forget about the little gems - Lokrum and the Elaphites.
The island of Lokrum doesn’t officially belong to the Elaphites, but is nevertheless worth a visit. With Fort Royal, built at the beginning of the 19th century by the French, the salt-water lake - the so called “dead sea” -, the botanic garden and the wonderful bays and beaches, Lokrum is already offering plenty. But as a scenery for “Game Of Thrones” and because of the iron throne - yes, you can sit on it! - it gained in popularity.

The Elaphites Archipelago consists of 13 islands, but only 3 of them are inhabited.
On Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan, hikers, swimmers and divers are totally getting their money’s worth.

Stradun or Placa: 300m of the most beautiful and widest street of Dubrovnik

Before you close the jewellery case and leave Dubrovnik, you have to do one thing: Get on top of mount Srd with the cable car.
The cable car has been reopened in 2010 after the war and takes you to the top of mount Srd, at a height of 412 metres in just about 5 minutes.

First thing awaiting you is the Fort Imperial, which lives up to its name only by being there in this location. Built by Napoleon`s troops in 1810, the fort is now accommodating a permanent exhibition about the Yugoslav war.

All of the above mentioned is nothing in comparison with the view you will enjoy from this point.
To conclude such a city tour, you can’t imagine a more beautiful place.

The panoramic terrace with a majestic view over the ruby red roofs, the golden city lights and the sapphire sea in the evening, the tranquility far away from the swarming city , the mild summer breeze - an atmosphere that takes care of you keeping Dubrovnik in mind as the jewel of Croatia and to storing it in your heart carefully.

Daniela Vuleta

+385 1 222 70 50