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Visit beautiful Silba Island in Dalmatia and discover the magic of true love

Visit beautiful Silba Island in Dalmatia and discover the magic of true love

Awaken the romantic in you!

The salty air of the sea, the scent of pine trees and herbs, the sound of the waves and the warm sun on the island of Silba, immediately transport visitors into a pleasant feeling of peace and quiet.

The small island of Silba is hidden in the Zadar archipelago between the islands of Premuda and Olib, not far from Zadar and the island of Pag. As the northernmost of the Dalmatian islands, it is also often referred to as the “gateway to Dalmatia”. Here you have the feeling that time has stood still.

It's peaceful here, serene and relaxed, because you won't find cars and motorbikes on this island. Only small tractors with their “karici” - the carts - are allowed here as motorised vehicles.

Surrounded by the turquoise-blue, crystal-clear Adriatic sea, this narrow island is adorned by numerous dreamy bays and wonderful pebble and sandy beaches.


The village of the same name Silba, has the charm of a romantic fishing village. Indeed, this island has always been the home of seafarers. Those who did not go to sea were engaged in fishing or tending the sheep.

But the sailors made sure that their families were well protected during their absence. You can still see the remains of the guard stations, which were used to detect danger on time and to warn the inhabitants of Silba and the neighbouring islands of pirate attacks.

So, we come to the legend that revolves around a very special building: “La Toretta Marinich” - the tower of love ...

Once upon a time, Petar and Antonija lived on the island. As a boy from a poor and a girl from a wealthy family, they spent their childhood together. They fell in love with each other. But when Petar - only 20 years young - proposed marriage to his dearest Antonija, her family were strictly against it. The wedding was not permitted.

Petar made up his mind. He decided to go to sea and to return as a rich navigator. Before he left, he promised Antonija a house with a garden and a tall tower from which she could see the sea and the islands, while she waited for his return. She promised to wait for him in eternal loyalty.

But as the years passed, and while Petar made his way through the oceans, circumnavigating Australia, America and Africa, Antonija grew weary of waiting in the uncertainty of Petar's return and married one of his friends.


After 20 years, Petar returned home to his island as a rich captain. Hundreds of people were waiting for his ship, but he was disappointed to find that his loved one was missing. But in the crowd he discovered a girl - the image of Antonija, her daughter Izidora Domenika. He found out about the marriage but did not let it discourage him. If he couldn't have Antonija, he would wait for Domenika to grow up.

Years later the two were married, the captain built the house, as promised, but now for Domenika, and - when he was 76 years old - also the tower in 1892, as a token of his true love and loyalty. However, his first love, Antonija, never entered the house or the tower.

The couple eventually had eleven children. In 1897 Petar died and Domenika lived another 15 years. The children ended up living all over the world …

The tower rises majestically into the sky, elegant and narrow, with a frilled dress made of stone stairs and a crown that surrounds the small platform at its top, at a height of 12m. From here lovers can enjoy a magical view of the island and the wide sea. And here you inevitably feel love ...

Feel the seafaring romance of the island of Silba and take your loved one to the tower of love. Isn't this the perfect place to propose? ;-) If you have booked one of our villas with a pool in Dalmatia, then a trip to this wonderful piece of land will crown your vacation!

Daniela Vuleta

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