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Vis Regatta - The most prestigious and demanding cruiser race in Croatia

Vis Regatta - The most prestigious and demanding cruiser race in Croatia

A hedonistic experience in harsh conditions

The Vis Regatta is the most famous Croatian boat race which marked its 75th anniversary in year 2019. This prestigious event lasts for three days, and takes place in October, marking the end of the sailing season. Regattas can be amateur or formal events, with many rules regarding the schedule and procedures of the competition.They can be organised for a particular area, or type of boat, but in most cases the main reason they are organised is the joy of the competition, and general promotion of the sport.

The Labud Sailing Club from Split has gathered the best Croatian and European sailors throughout 75 years, and still counting. The annual 75th regatta exceeded all expectations, with almost 180 sailing crews, and more than a 1000 competitors from over 15 countries. It is a demanding race sailed in two stages, starting from Split to the island of Vis, and back.

Because of the harsh mid-October weather conditions, masts often brake down, and sails are torn apart, but participants are aware of the risks they expose themselves to. Not everyone is ready for the serious weather challenges, and only some dare to set sail towards Vis. Support boats are always provided, so that nothing can go seriously wrong. We are also very proud to mention that our MyIstria team, was a part of the annual 75th regatta. :)

nine athletic men in grey pullovers standing in a row on a yacht in the marina

This unique event is being held every year, since the 1st of July 1934. Only six crews participated on the first Vis Regatta, and they competed without any stops, even during the night. To win the first ever trophy, the regatta had to be won three times in a row, or four times with interruptions.

1936 was the year a sailing boat larger than 9 meters was allowed to participate in a special category. There was even a prize for that category, which was a silver plaque made by the wife of the president of the Labud Sailing Club herself. The Vis Regatta changed its destination throughout the years. One year, the final goal would be the port of Vis and the next year it was Komiza. However, at the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, the bad weather and storms would damage anchored boats in the port of Komiza. Therefore, it was decided that during the Vis Regatta, sailors would sail only to the port of Vis.

view from the sky onto the roofs and the marina of a small town by the sea

The Vis Regatta is being held at the end of the sailing season, which gives you the opportunity to spend the weekend exploring the magical island of Vis. At the time when there are no more tourists, Vis suddenly gets overtaken by over a thousand sailors who wander around the island.

Over the last 20 years, the Vis Regatta became one of the strongest Adriatic offshore competitions. It now welcomes skippers and crews from all over the world. The regatta also marks an unofficial end of the summer season, when for a short period, Vis once again regains its summer atmosphere. The town of Vis and the Vis Tourist Board organise a pleasant cultural and entertainment programme for all the participants. Rich banquets are organised throughout the whole weekend, offering the Vis specialty, "fazol na brujet" (a kind of bean minestrone), and all sorts of traditional wines, brandies, liquors and other specialties.

If you are a passionate sailor, or maybe just want to feel the atmosphere of this magical event, we invite you to stay at one of our beautiful villas in Dalmatia. :)

Lucia Butigan

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