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Try locally produced Croatian honey and learn about its many health benefits

Try locally produced Croatian honey and learn about its many health benefits

Pleasure for the palate and great for your health

Croatia is known for its natural beauty and cultural sights, hospitality and of course delicious and healthy food. The diet is varied, and locally adapted. In Istria, Dalmatia and the Kvarner region, the Mediterranean diet predominates, in continental Croatia the influence of Austrian, Hungarian and Oriental cuisine can be noticed. Each region is recognisable by typical recipes and delicious dishes.

What all parts of Croatia have in common is high quality organically produced honey. And who doesn’t love that delicious and healthy bee product? The benefits of honey are known to all, as evidenced by many records thousands of years old.
However, most people use honey only during the colder months of the year, when flu and colds come. But honey should be consumed daily because it increases immunity, gives strength to the body, cleanses the body of toxins, is excellent in the fight against colds and flu, helps with anemia, is great for skin, bones and hair, etc.

Honey production in Croatia has a long tradition, so it is not surprising that Croatian honey is highly valued and sought after. The importance of Croatian honey and its production was also recognised by the Croatian government, and it introduced a "national jar". These jars contain exclusively Croatian honey, and the origin of the honey can be checked on the labels.


By buying honey with this label, you can be sure that you have got the quality that was promised to you by the seller. It is interesting to mention that the European Union does not meet its own needs for honey, so it imports it from China, Mexico and Ukraine. It is also important to emphasise that imported honey often does not meet the nutritional values it should. That is why it is important to know where the honey comes from and who produced it.

In Croatia, several varieties of honey predominate, the most famous are:

- Acacia honey which is added to chamomile tea & St. John´s wort, as it enhances its Impact. It helps with insomnia and nervousness, and relieves respiratory problems.
- Chestnut honey is added to chamomile and rosehip tea. It improves circulation, acts on the pain of the digestive organs and protects blood vessels.
- Meadow honey is great for children and the elderly with chronic diseases. It is effective in lowering blood pressure and helps patients with heart problems.
- Linden and sage honey have a calming effect, and are mainly used for colds and respiratory problems.
- Heather honey is added to chamomile and rosehip tea, and helps with kidney and urinary tract diseases and rheumatism.

But in addition to pure consumption, honey is also used to produce many other products. Thus, a company in Slavonia recognised the beneficial effect of honey on the skin. They use honey to make lip balms, body creams, nourishing hair masks and many other beauty products.


Of course, in addition to care products, you can also buy other preparations made of honey, such as biscuits with honey, honey syrups, honey with cinnamon or lavender etc.
Honey is used in gastronomy as a substitute for sugar, because it is much healthier and enriches food with nutritional values. Thus, honey is used in the production of gingerbread, delicious cookies that are traditionally baked for Christmas in continental Croatia, which over time has spread to the rest of the country.

Honey is also used to make the liqueur "Medica", which was known during the Roman rule in Croatia. Medica is traditionally produced in Istria, and is served as an aperitif to stimulate appetite, but also as a digestive for better digestion.

If the road takes you to the hilly Lika region and you decide to explore the Velebit mountain, we definitely recommend buying Velebit honey. Honey from this area is highly valued on the basis of clean air and untouched nature. The pastures where bees collect nectar are far from smog and pollution of the city. Honey and propolis are produced in limited quantities, they are of exceptional quality and have affordable prices. Try this delicious honey that will enchant you...


Honey from Croatia is a great choice as a souvenir, but also a memory of a wonderful and unforgettable vacation. Embark on a research expedition, discover the corner of Croatia that you like the most and taste our homemade honey and all the delicious products that are made from it!

Petra Stazic

+385 1 222 70 50