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Truffle dishes - the most popular dishes containing this true Istrian delicacy

Truffle dishes - the most popular dishes containing this true Istrian delicacy

Try out the Istrian truffle for a unique gourmet experience

Truffles, a true Istrian delicacy, are definitely one of the reasons to visit Istria. Book one of our villas with private pool in Istria and be prepared to have an unforgettable gourmet experience. We have already covered the story about the Istrian truffle in one of our previous articles and in this articles we bring you an overview of the most popular recipes containing truffles. Whether you want to test your own cooking skills or try out truffle-based dishes in one of the restaurants in Istria, we hope to offer you a glimpse into the wonderful world of truffles.

Just like every meal, we’ll start off with some appetisers. The intensive taste of truffles goes well with cheese and sausages, so make sure to try them out when you visit Istria. Olive oil, enriched with truffles, is also available on the market, and is perfect for tasting on its own, but can be used for meal preparation as well. If you get a hold of fresh truffles or cheese seasoned with truffles, you can grate them and prepare a frittata. There is a variety of spreads available, ranging from olive-based to mushroom-based spreads, which are best served on a piece of toasted bread.


Creamy soups, such as cauliflower soup or mushroom soup, go wonderfully with a touch of truffles and bread croutons. Tartufata, a well-seasoned sauce containing truffles, is perfect for those who want to try out truffles and prepare meals on their own, as you can add the mixture to various dishes.

Surely the most popular dish containing truffles are the Istrian fuzi with truffles. Fuzi, a traditional Istrian type of pasta, are enriched by a combination of cooking cream and tartufata. The preparation of this meal is fairly simple, so we would recommend this dish to everyone who wants to try out truffles for the first time. Another popular type of pasta, ravioli, can also be filled with truffles and go well with cream-based sauces.


If you fancy going out for a dinner in one of the restaurants serving traditional Istrian cuisine, we’d recommend trying out one of truffle-based fish dishes. Fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea - like sea bass or sea bream - tastes wonderful when prepared in sauces containing truffles. Shellfish dishes and octopus salad can also be enriched with a hint of truffles, so if you are a fan of fish and other seafood, you can combine the two into an amazing gourmet experience. For all meat lovers, there are plenty of recipes for stakes which contain truffles in various forms. When in Istria, you should definitely try steaks made from the autochthonous Istrian cattle - boskarin.


Fans of fast food will be happy to hear that there are popular dishes like burgers and fries, which are also seasoned with sauces that contain the Istrian truffle. Another popular snack is also available in variants containing truffles. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on trying out truffles, just buy a small bag of chips with truffles. Those with a sweet tooth are bound to enjoy chocolate with truffles, a slice of chocolate cake with truffles, or a white or dark chocolate spread containing truffles.

The Karlic family, owners of the wonderful villa Olea in our offer, are a famous and respected producer of truffles in Istria. Make sure to check out their website and the wonderful array of products with truffles (http://karlictartufi.hr/en/).

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