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Tinjan Prosciutto - a gastronomic delicacy of Istria not to be missed

Tinjan Prosciutto - a gastronomic delicacy of Istria not to be missed

Do you like prosciutto? Then off to Tinjan!

Tinjan is a place in central Istria, not far from the town of Pazin and the Dobra River. The area was inhabited in Roman times and the remains of which can be visited at several archaeological sites. Tinjan gained its city status in the 16th century and still maintains its historically rich tradition, whether it is the symbols of the area - folklore, legends or first-class gastronomic delicacies such as Istrian ham. In the tradition of Istrian cuisine, ham is the highlight and benchmark in gastronomy.


The people of Tinjan diligently cultivate the tradition of ham production and in 2006 they were named the Istrian Ham Municipality. The Istrian ham is known as one of the highest quality hams in the world and has royal status, which it has defended for years at the annual Tinjan International Ham Fair. The International Ham Fair (ISAP) takes place every year in October and brings together the best ham producers from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Austria. If you are a fan of this delicacy, you can try more than thirty types of ham and judge for yourself which one is better. Each one is special and all you have to do is come to Tinjan and try out yourself.


In addition to the gastronomic offer, which consists not only of ham and sausages as the most important part of the event, but also of a number of other gastronomic products such as cheese, olive oil, wine and other products that are known for the Istria region. Sports activities are an indispensable part of this event. The combination of nature, sport and gastronomy makes a unique event that is attended by more than 20,000 visitors every year. At the fair, you can take part in the traditional Istrian game (Pljockanje) and try to preserve the tradition and the almost forgotten sports of Istria. Numerous concerts by famous Croatian musicians are an inevitable entertaining content of the fair.

If you are a fan of good food and fun, book your next vacation at our villas near Tinjan now. Attend an unforgettable fair, try the world-famous ham, enjoy a glass of Istrian Malvasia and experience a mixture of history and tradition.

Ana-Marija Tot

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