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The story of coffee - when it began and why is drinking coffee a must for Croatians

The story of coffee - when it began and why is drinking coffee a must for Croatians

Croatian coffee culture

Coffee - the dark beverage with an intense taste and aroma that enchants the senses - is popular all over the world. Every culture has its own habits of enjoying the beverage and the possibilities seem endless. Following, you will learn more about the coffee culture in Croatia.

It all began in Croatia on 5 April 1748, when a merchant named Leopold Duhn opened the first coffee shop in the capital city of Zagreb. Unfortunately, the location of that coffee shop is still unknown today. It is assumed that it was located in the street "Duga ulica", near Ban Josip Jelacic Square. At that time, the coffee culture spread in the European cities and thus coffees became the centre of people's social life.

Did you know that Croats are 20th on the list of the biggest coffee drinkers in the world? According to a study, Croats consume up to 6 kilos of coffee per person per year.

Coffee is the universal drink for any occasion that helps you think, lightens the mood and gets people talking. We would like to introduce you to some of the occasions when coffee is indispensable for Croatians.

woman´s hand holding a small coffee cup with a view of the Arena in Pula

For the perfect start to the day, many consume their coffee in the morning. At work, coffee is a must, as it gives us energy and keeps us awake to cope with the working day. Even at job interviews, when people ask for a drink, coffee is usually offered in addition to water. There are many more examples, but sometimes there doesn't have to be a specific occasion, but simply to give yourself a short time-out - with an aromatic cup of coffee in your hand.

Saturday morning is a special day to drink your coffee. Because at the so-called "spica", the cafes become a runway where you can hear the latest gossip. Everything here revolves around the motto "see and be seen".

If you find a regular café for yourself, it's not uncommon to have your favourite coffee brought to you by the waiter, without having ordered it. Here are the most popular sorts of espresso-based coffees:

Cappuccino - a shot of espresso with lots of milk foam
Large or small macchiato (veliki ili mali macchiato) - the large one is a shot of espresso with warm milk foam and the small one with a shot of milk foam
White coffee (bijela kava) - a shot of espresso with lots of warm milk


The word "hurry" is a foreign word for Croats. This is why tourists are also attracted to our hedonistic lifestyle. While everywhere in the world the daily ritual of drinking coffee is rushed, here they drink their coffee for hours mostly with friends or family. So don't be surprised if you see Croats sitting next to empty coffee cups.

The love for coffee connects and brings people together. For this reason, many people can no longer imagine their lives without it. If you spend your holiday in one of our villas with pool in Istria, the Kvarner bay or in Dalmatia, then take the chance to experience the Croatian culture of coffee drinking.

Valentina Novak

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