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The “Roski Slap” waterfall - an insider tip for your vacation in Dalmatia

The “Roski Slap” waterfall - an insider tip for your vacation in Dalmatia

Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the “Roski Slap”!

Such a small country and yet full of natural beauty! No matter what part of Croatia you find yourself in, you will be delighted by the untouched nature, inhabited by many plant and animal species. It is interesting to mention that Croatia houses 7 national parks and 11 nature parks. If you like to spice up your vacation time with interesting nature trips, in this post we reveal interesting things you perhaps didn't know about "Roski slap". The mentioned waterfall is located in the Krka National Park, which is one of the most visited in Croatia.

If you have already decided to spend your vacation in Dalmatia and booked one of our beautiful villas with pool near Sibenik or Zadar, we are sure you will not miss a visit to this enchanting national park. We have prepared interesting facts about "Roski slap" that will complete your sightseeing and maybe lead you to discover some interesting things about the park yourself :)

"Roski slap" is absolutely one of the most impressive parts of the Krka National Park. Although many limit their visit to a walk on the wooden bridges overlooking the waterfalls, but the time can be used even better!


That is why we recommend that you choose one of the three options for sightseeing "Roski slap".
  • If you like to be active, then the 8.5 km long trail to the waterfall is an ideal choice for you. The trail starts at the pier from which the boat goes to the island of Visovac. In case you are in good shape it will take you 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the waterfall.
  • If you prefer a slightly easier tour, we recommend a boat ride. The boat departs at the entrance called Lozovac and includes a break on Visovac, which lasts 30 minutes. A 90-minute break is planned for the sightseeing of "Roski slap".
  • The last option is to go by car, but we hope that you will choose one of the two previous options, which are a little more interesting :)

Before the tour, for example during the boat ride, while enjoying the rays of sun and the sound of the waves, read why Roski slap is so famous and what it owes its glory to. The water from the lake near Bogocin goes through a canyon that is 150 meters deep and the end of that canyon is "Roski slap". It is 650 meters long and the river crosses travertine barriers which make the water droplets look like "silver necklaces" created by mixing water.


The moment when the river turns into a waterfall, the impression of scattered silver necklaces is created and we believe that this scene will not leave you indifferent. Many mills were built on the Krka, which the river moved with its power and thus helped to grind grain quickly and easily. Sheep's wool blankets were also washed near the mills, which was done exclusively by women at that time. Of course, the river was reached by donkey, an animal that is one of the symbols of Dalmatia. Some mills have been restored and a presentation of old and already extinct crafts can thus be seen.

If you head to the Ozidena cave, which is located above the Roski waterfall, you can explore the archeological site from the Neolithic era. The tour of the cave does not take long, and if you walk to the nearby lookout point you can enjoy the enchanting view of the waterfalls. Within the entire national park there are many educational trails that provide you with information about the plants and animals that live in the park area.


Below "Roski slap" there is a lake, from where a beautiful view of the waterfall and the surroundings is offered. After the tour under he hot Dalmatian sun, sit in a restaurant located near the waterfall and refresh yourself with a cold drink overlooking the waterfalls. You should definitely try one of the local delicacies, the inevitable Dalmatian prosciutto or broth with polenta. Is there a better end to the day?

Tickets for "Roski slap" are available from 15€ for adults from June to September, from 7€ in April, May, October and only from 5€ the rest of the year. The 4 hour boat tour costs 20€ for adults and 15€ for children and is not included in the ticket price for the waterfall.

We hope that you are interested in visiting not only the Krka National Park, but also "Roski slap". Take the educational trails in the park and enjoy the natural beauties of our Dalmatia!

Petra Stazic

+385 1 222 70 50