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The Path of 7 waterfalls and Zarecki krov - an unforgettable experience

The Path of 7 waterfalls and Zarecki krov - an unforgettable experience

Enjoy the untouched beauty of the Mirna river waterfalls

An adventure for all nature lovers that should not be missed is certainly the "path of seven waterfalls", which follows the river Mirna in the hinterland of Istria. Numerous streams of the Mirna river have created magical waterfalls and lakes where you can unwind your soul and body. No matter what season it is, the sight of these waterfalls will take your breath away.

In summer months, the vegetation is blooming and water of Mirna river ideal for refreshment. The autumn rain fills the river, forming even bigger and stronger waterfalls. In wintertime, the Mirna river freezes, which creates unusual shapes. Spring is certainly the most beautiful time of the year when flora and fauna awaken and the sun melts the icy drops.

If you are a guest in one of our beautiful villas in Central Istria, join this scenic route and enjoy the magnificent nature created by the river Mirna.

This loop trail starts and ends in Buzet-Pinguente and passes through the villages of Selca, Glistonija, Kuhari and Kotli. Your adventure begins at the foot of Buzet near the Istrian aqueduct. From there, you will walk upstream along the Mirna river, where after the first kilometre you will enter the forest that will lead you to the rocky bed of the small Draga river.


The first waterfall you reach is 5 meters high and forms a large lake that is 24.4 meters wide. After the first waterfall, the route takes you to the village of Selca, where the Bacva waterfall awaits you, which is approximately 8 meters high. The biggest attractions that follow are the Vela pec waterfall with a height of 26.5 meters and the smaller Mala pec waterfall (4 meters).

Following the path, you will soon come across old, decayed and ivy-covered stone houses in the villages of Glistonija and Scaveti. Next, you will arrive at the village of Kotli, one of the most beautiful places by the Mirna river. What makes Kotli so special? You can read about it in our My Istria Guide.

From there the trail will lead you to the old quarry, the waterfall Ispod stare kave (7.9 meters) and the last waterfall Grjak (8.2 meters). On the way, you will come across old and abandoned coal mines, where you can have a peek if you have battery lamps with you. You will cross the Mirna river three times until you reach the village of Pengari, where you will complete the circle and return to the starting point.


The hiking trail "Route of seven waterfalls" is 13.26 km long and is one of the challenging hiking trails. For the hike through the beautiful nature along the Mirna river you will need about 3 hours. This trail has dangerous and challenging sections, so we recommend you to inform yourself about the characteristics of the sections you are visiting before starting the tour.

Not far from the village of Kotli there is another beautiful hidden gem - the cave and waterfall Zarecki krov. Zarecki krov is one of the most interesting natural attractions in Istria, near the town of Pazin. The small river Pazincica with its course forms a ten meter high waterfall and a deep lake.

This attraction offers many activities such as swimming, water jumps, fishing, water polo, walking and picnic in the great nature. Are you a fan of extreme sports? Zarecki krov offers you one of the most interesting but also the most difficult climbing routes in Croatia. If you are interested in adrenalin sports(istria-a must for every adventure lover), make sure to check out our previous article.

We hope that we have awakened the adventurous spirit in you and that you will visit the magical nature of Istria.

Ana-Marija Tot

Photos by: Darja Jaksic (private collection) 

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