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The Lim Bay in Istria - a paradise for oysters nested between Rovinj and Porec

The Lim Bay in Istria - a paradise for oysters nested between Rovinj and Porec

Spend a magnificent day exploring the Lim Bay

On the western part of the Istrian peninsula, between the towns of Rovinj and Porec, lies the Lim Bay, a Landscape of Special Interest since 1964 and special reserve, protected by a conservation order since 1980. The Bay is also often referred to as Canal or Fjord, but both is incorrect, since the Bay was formed during the jurassic period when the Adriatic Sea flooded the Pazincica river that used to flow here and which became a subterranean river. Due to this fact the sea water and river water mix underwater and create favourable conditions for oysters and clams for which the Lim Bay is foremost known. There are two restaurant in the bay that serve fish and of course, oyster specialties.

The Bay is approximately 12 km long, 30 m deep and 600 m wide in its widest part. It is part of the karst 35 km Lim Valley (Cro. Limska udolina or Limska draga) which stretches almost to he very heart of Istria - the town of Pazin. The bay resembles a canyon with steep sides rising up to 100m and sinking to only 20m when they reach the sea. The origin of the name Lim Bay is in the latin word limes, meaning limit, border as the Bay once served as the border for two Roman provinces: Dalmatia and Italia.

The sea flora and fauna are particularly well developed here. The bay is a natural breeding ground and wintering place for many breeds of fish and is considered as one of the most beautiful natural wealth areas on the entire Istrian peninsula. The banks are overgrown with mediterranean macchia, but also with evergreen forests on the north and deciduous forests on the south. Various animals such as boars, foxes, badgers, deers and birds such as hawks, buzzards and owls live in the forests above the Lim Bay.

View from the side of a boat floating on a river watching the green riverbank

The Bay is also a popular place for all fans of free climbing during the entire year but foremost during the hot spring and summer months. On the northern side you will find the Kontija forest where you can find climbing rocks and go for a nice, relaxing walk. You can also opt for a bike. Macadam roads will lead you through the forest to Klostar and Vrsar.
The area of the Lim Bay was inhabited already since neolithic times by the Illyrians, a group of Indo-European tribes in antiquity, who inhabited part of the western Balkans. A proof of that are the remains of their settlements called Gradine = Hillforts. From the hillfort Mukaba, located above one of the numerous caves along the Bay, you can enjoy a fantastic view over the canal, Vrsar and the islands.

The carst relief of the Lim Bay is also home to numerous caves, of which the most famous one is Romuald´s Cave. The cave was named after St. Romuald, the founder of the Camaldolese order and the monastery of St. Mihovil who apparently was the first person who entered the cave and lived there for two and a half years without any contact with the outer world other than a shepherd named Jural. If you believe the legend, inhabitants of this area thought that demons and dark forces lived in the cave and only after Romuald´s death in 1005 worshippers started going into the cave. Evidence suggests that the cave was formed 20000 years ago, it is 105 m long and passable all the way through. Historical records suggest that St. Romuald lived at the far end of the main hall. The cave is unfortunately at the time closed for visits due to safety measures.

The Bay also made its way to Hollywood and served as the filming location for the movie “The Vikings” (1958) with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas.

Enjoy your stay at one of our villas with pool in Rovinj and visit this beautiful area either by ships from Rovinj or explore the spectacular view from the air with panoramic flights from Vrsar. Enjoy a delicious meal with fresh oysters sitting next to the sea while the warm mediterranean sun warms your skin or simply enjoy a nice, peaceful walk away from the stress of everyday modern life.

IMPORTANT: The bay is a protected area and motor boats, scuba diving and fishing are not allowed.

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