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The Kuterevo Bear Refuge - a place where you can enjoy bears in the wild

The Kuterevo Bear Refuge - a place where you can enjoy bears in the wild

Wake up from your winter sleep and visit the Kuterevo brown bear

If you are an animal lover, you have to visit the village of Kuterevo. Kuterevo is a small village in Lika with only 634 inhabitants. It is located 30km from Senj, 60km from the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and only 10km from the National park Northern Velebit. If you are interested in Croatian National parks, read our latest post about the beautiful nature in Croatia.
The village is special because of its bear refuge. The Kuterevo Bear Refuge was founded in 2002. The refuge hosts 8 bears, 6 orphans, and 2 of them grew up in a zoo. The refuge is divided into 2 enclosures. The first enclosure is reserved for 3 young bears named Marko, Mlada Gora and Mlad Dol. The second one is reserved for male bears that came from the Zagreb Zoo. One separated enclosure is reserved for the only female bear who lives by herself. The oldest female bear in Kuterevo, named Lady of the Refuge, spent almost all her life in Split Zoo and joined the refuge in 2015. The camp is run by volunteers from all around the world and inhabitants of the village, who help these orphanage brown bears live a normal life.


The refuge can be visited in spring, summer and autumn. Since bears are hibernating during winter, the organisation doesn’t allow any visits in order not to disturb the animals. During spring and autumn, you can contact the volunteers so they can conduct you and inform you about bears. The Bear Refuge is open daily from 9 AM until 7 PM. This place is perfect for every animal lover, young and old.

Visit this beautiful and unique place during your stay in Croatia and have a bearish time at The Kuterevo Bear Refuge.

Ana-Marija Tot


+385 1 222 70 50