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The island of Rab - Discover flora and fauna of the "Emerald Island”

The island of Rab - Discover flora and fauna of the

Interesting facts about the multifaceted nature of one of the most forested islands in the Kvarner Bay

Next to the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the statue of St. Christopher, patron saint of the island of Rab, looks out into the sea among palm trees, as if he were watching over the city and observing the ships turning to enter the port.
The four bell towers of Rab, the unmistakable landmarks of the island, rise like masts into the sky, far above the brick-red roofs of the old town.

Felix Arba - the happy Rab. These words adorn the flag of the island. Experience some of this happiness yourself during your holiday in Croatia in one of our villas in the Kvarner Bay and visit Rab, also called the "Emerald Island". It is believed that the name derives from the Illyrian word "Arb" for "dark, green wooded".
This is a very apt description, considering that the island in the Kvarner Bay is one of the most wooded and greenest islands in the Adriatic. On more than 100 km of hiking and cycling trails you can discover its versatile flora and fauna.

lush, green forest on the island of Rab with clear blue sky above on a sunny day

More than 30% of the island is covered with various plants. If you arrive by ferry, the first thing you will see are the karstic slopes of Kamenjak, whose peak is the highest point of the island and which is about 400 meters above sea level.
When you arrive on the island, you will be greeted by the unmistakable strong scent of the strawflower and the sound of the singing cicadas. It’s a moment I’m always looking forward to. ☺

In contrast to the rocky and karstic north stands the fertile west of the island with its lush pine and oak forests inhabited by pheasants, hares, wild rabbits, martens and birds of prey. On the neighboring island of Sv. Grgur, which belongs to the Lopar municipality, you can even observe fallow and roe deer.
In the forest area Kalifront with its aromatic pine, oak, cedar and mulberry trees, stretching from Kampor to the far west of the island, numerous lonely idyllic bays are waiting to be discovered by you. In the holm oak forest Dundo, northwest of Suha Punta, you can enjoy walks in the shade of evergreen oaks that can live to be more than a thousand years old. Are you interested in geology and fossils? Then you might be interested in visting the Geopark and its hiking trails in Lopar.

piled up rocks at the highest peak of the island Rab, Kamenjak, with sea in the background

Rab is the Croatian island with the highest number of sandy beaches. However, there are also many other types of beaches and picturesque bays. Probably the most famous beach is "Rajska plaza", the paradise beach of Lopar, which was voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by CNN in 2012.

close up of Paradise beach, one of the most famous sandy beaches on Rab island

Some dolphin pods live near Lopar. Maybe you will be lucky and see some. Do you like quiet and small beaches? A tip from me: In the village Barbat are some small, hidden beaches with dreamlike crystal clear water, far away from the tourist bustle. From these beaches you can see in the distance the old town of Rab with its bell towers, attracting guest with its romantic alleys and beautiful parks.

Would you like to learn more about the historical center and cultural events of the island of Rab? Then accompany me on a short trip to the old town and learn more about the history and culture of Rab.

Maja Kovacevic

+385 1 222 70 50