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The island of Hvar - Visit Croatia's sunniest island and fall in love!

The island of Hvar - Visit Croatia's sunniest island and fall in love!

The sunny side of life

The island of Hvar is known as the sunniest island in Croatia because it has the highest number of sunny hours during the year, even in the entire Adriatic region. Features like olives and lavender, wine, the island of the sun - in one word it's all comprised in - Hvar. It is considered one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. Holidays can be spent here from the beginning of May to the end of October, due to the very pleasant temperatures that is, the Mediterranean climate with mild winters and pleasantly warm summers. Beautifully clean and clear sea make this Dalmatian island ideal for a vacation.

The inhabitants of the island of Hvar have always been engaged in fishing and agriculture, and since 1968, tourism has begun to develop, which is one of the largest incomes for most people. Due to the record number of sunny hours and unpolluted nature, you will come across top quality olive oil, lavender oil and many varieties of wine. If you are a true gourmand and a big fan of food, you will definitely be tempted by the island´s cuisine, based on healthy food as well as fresh fish every day. If you go for a relaxing walk and explore the island, at every step you will be able to see large agaves, palm trees, laurel, olives, lemons and the inevitable lavender bushes that simply intoxicate with the aroma of its scent. The beaches are mostly covered with smooth pebbles, but with a little research you will come across sandy ones too.


Hvar has a special and interesting history. At the end of the 13th century it was under the rule of Venice, which is considered one of the most important events in its history since at that time the municipal administration and the center of the diocese moved from the Old Town to the town of Hvar. Thus, the town of Hvar quickly gains in importance because it automatically becomes an important transit center and maritime station. This fact also caused the inhabitants of Hvar to expand their range of jobs not only to agriculture and fishing, but also to trade and navigation. Illyrians, Austrians, Venetians, Romans, Greeks - they all ruled the island in history and left their mark on the island's culture, food and architecture. Another of the many attractions related to the island of Hvar is the first public theatre, founded in 1612, one of the oldest in Europe. Centuries-old squares, churches and palaces, witness the long history of the island.


If you want a more active vacation, we recommend you to visit the town of Hvar, which is the most visited and most famous town on the island. It consists of numerous, restaurants, historic buildings cultural monuments and beaches, and your time visiting all these sights will pass in an instant.

Stari Grad is the oldest settlement on the island and is located along a long and deep bay, with the old town at the end. It consists of numerous churches and traditional stone houses. One of the most interesting monuments is the Tvrdalj castle - a palace from the 16th century.

The next place you should definitely pay attention to is the town of Jelsa, which is located in the center of the northern coast of the island and has beautiful beaches, some of which are sandy and suitable for families with small children. In Jelsa a rich sports offer is available as well as many restaurants and bars. For lovers of a quieter holiday, Jelsa will be the right choice too!


Hvar's beaches are generally rocky and pebbly. Lonely bays need to be reached by boat or a little longer walk. Southeast of the town of Hvar you will find the steep shores of Zarac, Sveta Nedilja, Ivan Dolac and Gromin Dolac. All abound in beautiful pebble beaches. If you want only a sandy beach, we recommend the place Sucuraj.

We hope that with this article we have at least managed to present the beautiful island of Hvar and that you will visit it at the first opportunity and enjoy all the benefits that this island has to offer. Take a look at our offer of luxury villas and be sure to get to know our sunniest island!

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