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The highest Croatian mountain peaks - impressive sites that only nature could create

The highest Croatian mountain peaks - impressive sites that only nature could create

Climb high and enjoy!

The beautiful coastal towns and its long history are just some of the features that make Croatia one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. What makes Croatia special is its natural beauty, clear spring water, numerous rivers, waterfalls, and mountain peaks offering unique views of the Adriatic islands and the Pannonian valley.

In this article we will present you the highest Croatian peaks that are worth a visit. If you stay in one of our beautiful villas on the Adriatic coast, we definitely recommend you to take a trip and enjoy the breathtaking views.

There are several mountain ranges in Croatia, the largest of which are Dinara, Velebit and Biokovo. All of these mountains are located in the coastal area of Croatia and their peaks are the largest in the country. Croatian mountains are not high and there are no peaks higher than 2000 metres, compared to other countries in south-eastern Europe.


The highest peak in Croatia is Sinjal peak, with a hight of 1831 m. It is located on Mount Dinara, which is also a nature park. Supposedly the mountain was named after the Illyrian tribe Dindara, which lived on the eastern side of the mountain. The peak Sinjal was named after the geodesic column on the summit (Signal). Dinara is still quite a wild mountain where you can spot various animals such as wolves, foxes, jackals, bears, wild boars and deer, while in flight you can see eagles and falcons. From the top of the mountain you have an incredible view in all directions, to the northeast are Troglav and Konj, to the southeast Lake Perucko, to the south Kijevski Kozjak and Svilaj and to the west Promina. If you ever visit the highest peak in Croatia, you will find it to bea particularly emotional experience for every mountaineer. The starting point for climbing the highest peak in Croatia is in the village of Glavas near Knin.


The second highest Croatian peak called Lisanjski vrh (1794 m) is also located on Dinara. The peak is located in the central part of the mountain range and was hardly visited until hiking trails were marked recently. On the peak Lisanjski vrh, there is a red metal mountaineer's hut with
benches. A hundred metres west of the shelter, there is a large wooden cross. The view of Dinara and its peak Sinjal, Veliki bat, Janjcija vrh-Zrvanj, Kijevski bat and Svilaj as well as the group of islands near Sibenik is especially impressive. The starting point for this peak is the source of the river Cetina near Knin.

Velebit is the largest Croatian mountain range and the richest in natural sights. It is protected as a nature park and with no less than 2,000 square kilometres it is by far the largest protected area in Croatia. Within the nature park there are numerous smaller protected areas, including two national parks: Northern Velebit in the Lika region and Paklenica in Dalmatia. Find out more about Croatian national parks in our My Istria Guide.


Vaganski vrh is the highest peak of Velebit, 1757 m and located in the southern part of the mountain. The most popular access point is the Paklenica National Park, of which this peak is an integral part. The view is unique, although many hikers will still say it is more beautiful from Sveti Brdo, the second highest peak, which is a few hours' walk further south. The tour between Vaganski vrh and Sveti Brdo is one of the most beautiful on Velebit, and on the way you can visit some other peaks (Liburnia, Brundo, the ridge above the Cica valley). If you are climbing under good conditions, be happy - there are climbers who have been on Vaganski vrh several times, but unfortunately it was always foggy!

When you climb Sveto Brdo (Holy Mountain), you will understand why it carries that name. This striking part of the southern Velebit with steep slopes stands out as the last peak on a long ridge. You can reach it from Lovinac in Lika, from the direction of Vaganski vrh, from Velika or Mala Paklenica and the bay of Modric (below the pasture of Libinja). When you climb this 1752 m peak, you will truly be seized by a feeling of amazement and divinity, as if you have arrived at the house of God. On the top is a cross and a marble tablet with the Ten Commandments. The tablet has been carried up several times by mountaineering believers, but each time it broke due to a lightning strike. The view is spectacular, stretching towards Vaganski vrh, Lika and green pastures, the Adriatic Sea and the islands.

The most impressive mountain in Dalmatia, which is also a nature park,is Biokovo. No gigantic mountain has ever come so close to the sea and created such an exciting and impressive scenery as on the Makarska coast. The fertile and green foot of Biokovo is a gently sloping plateau that rises from the sea to a height of about 300 metres. Above this green belt rise thousand foot high steep cliffs that look quite impressive. Above the rocky belt is a 4 kilometre wide plateau with a typical karst relief and the highest peaks.


The highest peak of Biokovo and also the third highest peak in Croatia is St. George (1762 m). On the top of End there are a TV tower and the Church of St. George, which was built in 1968. The church was built on the site of the former church, which certainly existed in the 12th century. The stone slab above the altar of the old church ruins testifies to this. From the top of St. George you can enjoy a panoramic view of Zagora and the Adriatic islands. There are panoramic binoculars on the lookout. Mount Biokovo is one of the most dangerous and demanding mountains in Croatia. If you want to go up Mount Biokovo, do not do it without an experienced mountain guide.

Don't miss these beauties created by nature during your next stay in one of our villas in Croatia. The unique views they offer from the tops of the mountains are worth every effort. The beauty and challenge of the mountains does not depend on their height, but on the magic you experience while climbing them. You are enjoying the magnificent view over the endless vastness, hardly believing that you are in such a beautiful place!

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