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The city walls of Dubrovnik - a walk above brick roofs of the Old Town

The city walls of Dubrovnik - a walk above brick roofs of the Old Town

A panoramic view over the sea of roofs and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea

If you’re planning to spend the holiday you’ve been longing for in one of our Villas in Dalmatia, treat yourself with a short trip to Dubrovnik. You can find more information about the Pearl of the Adriatic in our article about the most famous tourist attractions in Dubrovnik's Old Town. If you’re still thirsty of information after it, please continue reading, because this article is all about the symbol of Dubrovnik - the city walls.

This imposing building consists of many fortresses, towers, bastions, corner fortifications, drawbridges and outer walls on the side of the mainland. It was built to protect the medieval city of Ragusa from all possible attacks.

The construction of the current city walls begann in the 13th century. The walls can be walked in full length and are considered to be one of the best preserved city walls in whole Europe. Together with the historic Old Town it entered the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979.


The two main entrances to the 1940 m long and up to 6 m wide stone walls are located on the opposite sides of the walls. The monumental building in the shape of an irregular polygon is constructed to fit the natural surroundings. The walls are up to 25 m high.

A walk above the breathtaking brick roofs of the historic Old Town provides every visitor with unbelievably beautiful view sights. On top of that, every curious visitor gets a sneak peek into the everyday life of local residents of the Old Town. Watch out: Walking on the city walls is allowed in counterclockwise direction only.

The fortress Minceta, the highest point of the city walls, offers the visitors one of the most photogenic panoramic views over Dubrovnik. Legend says that there was a big shortage of stone during the construction of this 80 m high fortress. It was therefore obligatory to bring a stone with you in order to be allowed to enter the Old Town.


Surrounded with ditches and the sea, the fortress Revelin protected the northeastern entrance to the Old Town. Today the three entrances of this famous fortress offer a warm welcome to the audience of Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

It is believed that there was a really narrow prison inside the fortress Bokar for the worse criminals. Archeologists haven’t been able to prove it until today. One thing is for sure - the fortress was used as an armoury for centuries.

The fortress Sv. Ivan was built for the protection of the old port. Today, it houses the Maritime Museum and the Aquarium of Dubrovnik. The canons and weapons in front of the fortress were replaced by romantic benches.


It is no coincidence that the fortress Lovrijenac was built on a 37 m high rock. Its main role was to protect the city from all attacks from the sea. The famous inscription on Lovrijenac „Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro“ („Liberty is not well sold for all the gold“) sums up the politics of the Republic of Ragusa perfectly.

The uniqueness and beauty of the city walls of Dubrovnik makes paying them a visit an absolute must during your Dalmatian holiday. Find the time to fully enjoy this mosaic of brick roofs, stone and sea.

Karla Zban

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