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The best museums in Istria - take a closer look at Istria’s rich history

The best museums in Istria - take a closer look at Istria’s rich history

Istria full of history…

What Istria looked like in the past and which sights are still preserved - we have compiled a list of museums that you should visit.

Museum Lapidarium
If you spend your vacation in one of our villas near Novigrad, visit this extraordinary museum. This museum stands out from others due to its modern appearance. It represents a turn between the past in the interior and the modern era with its outward appearance. If you are interested in historical architectural elements and elements of liturgical furniture in different time periods, a visit to this museum is the ideal choice.


For those who find ships, seafaring and history particularly interesting, this museum in Novigrad is also worth a visit. You will find the Maritime Collection of the Austro-Hungarian Navy - weapons, ship models, uniforms, nautical instruments and nautical charts are kept in this museum, whereby you will experience the history from a different perspective.

The House of Batana
Another beauty of Istria that has found its place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the House of Batana (Kuca o batani) in Rovinj. This museum tells the story of Batana, a flat-bottomed fishing wooden boat. Why is “batana” so special? The Batana was built by local shipbuilders and used by fishermen, with its specific shape making it the main symbol of the city of Rovinj. When you visit this museum, you will learn something interesting, not only about the history of the Batana, but also what the everyday life of this beautiful town looks like.


The Archaeological Museum of Istria
It is known that Pula is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Istria. The reason for this are undoubtedly the numerous prehistoric, ancient and medieval collections that can be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Istria in Pula, where all collections are constantly updated with new finds. If you are interested in the history of Istria from the earliest times, the Archaeological Museum is a must. Since Pula hides many other secrets of history, we also suggest staying in one of our villas.

The Historical Museum of Istria
After having fun in the Archaeological Museum, you can also visit the Istrian Historical Museum, where the heritage from the Middle Ages to the present is presented in numerous exhibitions - from military equipment, through the collection of certificates and coats of arms to the film and video collections. What you will surely find interesting about this sight is the fact that this facility was originally a restored Venetian fortress. If you choose to visit this museum, a wonderful walk to the fortress is guaranteed as you have to climb the highest hill in Pula to reach, it which offers a beautiful view of the city.


Amphitheatre in Pula
The most famous and most important monument is undoubtedly the Amphitheatre in Pula. In the Middle Ages there were held tournaments and markets, today you can visit numerous festivals, concerts and sports competitions on this location. You are probably wondering why the Amphitheatre is on the list of museums! This sight hides a secret place - in the underground space you can visit the exhibition “Olive growing and viticulture of Istria during the Antiquity”. Interesting, isn't it?

Memo Museum
If you stay in Pula, you should visit this interesting place. Near the Amphitheatre is located the Memo Museum - museum of good memories. And what does that actually mean? In this museum you will surely have fun considering that you can witness many interactive events that bring up memories from the past. The exhibition tells a story of an imaginary family of four from the early fifties to the late eighties. Thereby the stories are based on tales from different perspectives - everyday life, auto industry, music, film, school, fashion.

Hopefully we have convinced you to spend your time in Istria visiting the most interesting museums in Istria and exploring the history of Istria. Have fun!

Petra Stazic

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