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The best destinations for a complete adrenaline rafting experience in Croatia

The best destinations for a complete adrenaline rafting experience in Croatia

Discover the real adrenaline experience in Croatia

As a travel destination, most people associate Croatia with the clear blue sea, sun and cultural attractions that are located along the coast but also inland. This is of course understandable because they are the main assets of our tourism, but in this article we will show how our small and beautiful country hides other attractions that will complete the vacation and stimulate the adrenaline in your body ;)

Active tourism, which goes hand in hand with an increasingly static lifestyle, is becoming more and more important. Continuous sports or participation in one of the one-day sports activities round off your holiday that is otherwise only used for relaxation.

Writing about active forms of tourism and not mentioning rafting is simply unthinkable. Rafting or lowering with rubber boats on the rivers, guided by an experienced skipper, is an extremely popular and fun activity, loved by young and old alike. Below we will explain to you the most popular rafting destinations in Croatia and it's up to you to choose which ones you want to visit :)

Although rivers in Croatia are not dangerous, they should not be underestimated. Rafting is an extreme sport and you should never go down the river without professional guidance and equipment.


The first river on our list is the 300 km long Kupa, which has its source in Risnjak National Park. The river is surrounded by forests and rocks and the most suitable part of the river for rafting is in Gorski Kotar. The ideal time for rafting is in spring and autumn, when the snow melts and heavy rains fall, filling the river with water. Then the rapids trip is a lot of fun and you have to be careful not to end up under the dinghy ;). The river is suitable for rafting with families, but also for adventurers looking for excitement.

The Mreznica river is ideal for everyone who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy an adrenaline ride surrounded by untouched nature. Although it is only 64 kilometers long, Mreznica is intersected along its entire course by hundreds of travertine beds that make cruising along the river exciting while calmer parts of the stream allow you to enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Beginners or families with children should first try the "lower" course of the river. Choose one of the tours and enjoy rafting and the untouched nature of Mreznica.


Next on the list is the Korana river, which has its source in Croatia's most famous and oldest national park. You can assume that these are the Plitvice Lakes and the river is formed when the water from Veliki Slap falls downstream, forming an impressive waterfall. The Korana river is 134 kilometers long and flows into the Kupa river near the town of Karlovac. Along this long path, the river changes and takes on the serpentine shape by which it is recognizable. As with previous rivers we mentioned, snowmelt increases the amount of water and rafting is more exciting and requires more strength and experience. In the summer months Korana is more suitable for families with children. Korana also hosts the RastRaft race, which brings together many rafting competitors.
Of course, while rafting, you will also enjoy many waterfalls and beautiful natural scenery that surrounds this river. Korana is suitable for beginners but also for adrenaline lovers. We are sure you will enjoy it :)

The next river is in Dalmatia, and in the canyon of the river of the same name, the popular film about the Indian chief Winnetou was shot in the 1960s. The Zrmanja River is characterised by clear water, travertine barriers, waterfalls and a canyon that is among the most beautiful and impressive in Europe. As with all previous rivers, you'll get the best rafting experience in spring and fall when the river is full of water. Karst relief and Mediterranean vegetation complete the adrenaline ride on the rapids. During the summer months, the river's water level is lower, but then the river can be explored in smaller inflatable boats, canoes or kayaks. During a relaxing trip on the river you will get to know the rivers gentle side. The Zrmanja River will enchant you with its beauty and power and you will surely want to join an adrenaline rafting trip again.


The last river that we present to you is responsible for the increased interest in rafting as an active form of tourism in Croatia. The river Cetina is surrounded by untouched nature, it is adorned with smaller islands, waterfalls and rapids. Nature lovers will get their money's worth here, because the river offers an ideal combination of active sports possibilities and natural beauty. You will notice this very quickly, as the 104 kilometer river stretches through impressive gorges and you can see hidden caves that will give you a full experience of this natural beauty.

Adventurers who opt for a rafting experience can choose one of 3 locations where it is possible to raft the river. The most visited trail is 11 kilometers long, it starts in Penisici and is calm and winding at the same time, but also turbulent as you cross the canyon of the river. In the upper reaches of the river, smaller rubber canoes for two to three people are used and here you will pass one of the most beautiful sections of the Cetina river. This 10 km route is the right choice for everyone who wants to rush down rapids and waterfalls, and at the end of the adrenaline ride you can swim and relax on the banks of this river.


The shortest 8-kilometer path stretches through the gorge and has many rapids and small waterfalls and will give you the greatest adrenaline rush. This route should definitely be chosen by experienced visitors. Rafting on the Cetina will stay in your memory and you will definitely come back ;)

If you have decided to "spice up" your stay in Croatia by rafting on one of our beautiful inland or coastal rivers, choose the one you liked the most and start implementing it! After the adrenaline-pumping ride, relax in one of our luxury villas with pool in Dalmatia or Kvarner Bay.

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