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Taste the unique flavours of Croatia in the best gastro events in Istria

Taste the unique flavours of Croatia in the best gastro events in Istria

Indulge yourself & unleash your taste buds

There are many ways how to experience a new region and enjoy your holiday. One of the most enjoyable one is definitely, through tasting local traditional food :) Regardless of what your favourite food is, you will be delighted discovering local food, its traditional preparation, the cultural, historical and natural heritage it encompasses. The diverse gastronomic offer of the region & the opportunity to meet the locals will round off your holiday in a most indulging way.

Istrian cuisine will enchant you with its variety and balance. Sometimes you will experience the Mediterranean side of Istrian cuisine; at other times, its continental side. No matter what time of year you visit Istria, you will find Istrian food and gastronomy to be equally strong, passionate and intense. Which better ways to experience it, than visiting the numerous seasonal & thematic Gastro events organised throughout the year. Wouldn´t this be a wonderful way to complement your holiday spent in one of our beautiful villas with pool in Istria.

Days of Asparagus & Cuttlefish– Labin (April)
The Labin spring gastro rhapsody takes place throughout April in restaurants located in the Labin area. Asparagus (called sparuge in the Istrian dialect) are the key ingredient of local spring menus. They are prepared in numerous ways, either as scrambled eggs (fritaja), risottos, home-made pasta called pljukanci and fuzi with Istrian ombolo (smoked pork), or home-made bread seasoned with asparagus. Adriatic cuttlefish is caught in late winter and early spring, near a rocky coast, and the most famous specialties are cuttlefish stew (brodetto) with polenta and the black cuttlefish risotto.

Choco & Wine Fest – Brtonigla
Passionate chocolate lovers, that are always on the lookout for more in the sweet world of chocolate flavours and scents, are invited to the Choco & Wine Fest to Brtonigla, to discover the new trends of chocolates and different delicacies that can be made of chocolate, in combination with a glass of premium wine – a blend no one can resist.

Krafifest – Krsan / Labin – 1 May
Krafi is a traditional dish from the surrounding area of Labin and is made from very simple ingredients – flour, fat, eggs and cheese. However, this modest Istrian cuisine is made up using imaginative creative techniques such as this sweet pastry with cheese in the shape of ravioli.
As well as making cooked and fried delicacies and tasting them, you can also enjoy traditional Istrian music and folklore performances.

Kvarner Shrimp Festival - Rabac (May)
Have a taste of Kvarner shrimps, the most popular seafood delicacy of our region, in a relaxed and fun sea setting on the waterfront in Rabac. Local caterers will prepare Kvarner scampi (shrimps) dishes caught by the local fishermen. Besides the sea specialties, festival guests will be offered with the local award-winning wines.

pasta plates, bread, sauce and olives in bowls and 3 glasses of wine on table

Istrian Pasta Festival - Zminj (July)
The aim of promoting and holding this event is to preserve and foster the local tradition and encourage the protection and valorisation of indigenous pasta. The event provides support to local manufacturers in their efforts to preserve indigenous pastas and in their creativity to develop new products. Come to the rustic stalls and the kitchen decorated especially for this occasion, to the pleasant surroundings lit with lampions and candles.

Kapesante of Novigrad (June)
A gourmet festival entitled Kapesante of Novigrad is held each year in honour of this unique shellfish as part of GnamGnam Fest Novigrad, a series of gastronomic events held in Novigrad throughout the summer months. True gourmets consider the pilgrim scallop of Novigrad, or kapesante as it is called locally, to be one of the tastiest shellfishes in the world, because it grows in the Novigrad marine area where salty seawater mixes with fresh river water.

Istrian Manestra Festival
Several times a year the main square in Gracisce becomes a stage for masters of manestra who compete to prepare the area’s most famous spoon meal. Manestra is a traditional Istrian thick soup whose basic ingredients are beans, potatoes and cured meat. Depending on the time of year and the availability of ingredients, manestra has many variations and every chef combines the ingredients to his own recipe in order to make his manestra special and different from the rest.

Festival of the snail – Vodnjan (August)
Every year in mid-August (15th of August) there is a traditional festival of the snail, where you can taste various snail specialties. Nowadays, traditional preparation of snails is attributed to the locals of Vodnjan and Galizana which are Italian descents. Due to the highly prized meat, snail dishes are considered a delicacy. Snails are prepared according to traditional recipes, usually with polenta

FESS: Feast of Figs & Fig cake - Barban (September)
In the Istrian climate figs represent a delicious, refreshing, summer fruit whilst dried figs covered with icing sugar are a much-loved winter delicacy. In the coastal part of Istria, offering guests dry figs and brandy is a welcoming ritual. On Barban square, during the feast of figs and fig cakes, marmalades and brandies made of figs, dry figs and many other cakes made of figs will be offered.

Cheese Festival in Svetvincenat (September)
The cheesemakers from the region and beyond present their quality and ecological products to the festival's visitors as well as to the general public. As part of the festival, there is a rich program for both the elderly and the youngest who will be able to enjoy sheperds’ games.

Truffle Days - Livade / Istra (Oprtalj, September - November)
In the heart of the Motovun forest, one of the most important areas for harvesting the white truffle in Istria, Zigante Tartufi Days are being held each year. This manifestation is being held over 10 weeks during autumn. In addition to the absolute king of Istrian cuisine, here you can find other indigenous products, which in its tradition and quality attract interested tasters and consumers from around the world: wine, olive oil, cheeses, honey, brandy-herb and other traditional Istrian products.

Pancake Festival in Pazin (December)
At the festival held in Pazin, different types of pancakes are prepared, with different shapes, flavors and combinations with different spreads, with the emphasis, though not exclusively, on spreads and tastes from Istria. Mostly domestic products are used – from local producers & family farms - to make the pancakes, however, there is no lack of pancakes with various chocolate and other spreads and fillings.

Other thematic gastro events include: Days of Shellfish, Days of Sole Fish (during Autumn) and the Days of Adriatic Squid (early Winter) and many more..come and explore them while enjoying your dream vacation in one of our luxury villas with pool in Istria.

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