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Stay active in Croatia with your personal trainer and workout with XBody

Stay active in Croatia with your personal trainer and workout with XBody

Rock Your Body with XBody!

Summer holidays with no regrets. 😉

During your stay with us, not only do you get to enjoy your free time to the fullest at a cozy and chic dreamhouse and its surroundings, but you also get a chance to spread your wings – and flex them thanks to our special training concept.
We’ll assign you a top-notch personal trainer in order for your workouts to work out; they’ll adapt to your needs while making sure you follow their guidelines at your own pace. Feel free to indulge in local cuisine as much as you like, because you’ll burn all the calories right away thanks to our workout concepts!


We’ve also prepared Electrical Muscle Stimulation, XBody by Potens training equipment to make it all easier, quicker, and more fun. During exercise, you’ll be wearing XBody, revolutionary state of the art suite that serves to enhance both the experience and the results. XBody, your new buddy allows you to sculpt the body in an efficient and optimized way. A 30-minute XBodybypotens training session is equivalent to an intensive sport training of a 90minutes. This groundbreaking training is appropriate for people who want to sculpt their silhouette or strengthen their muscles, burn body fat, and tone their body.


Not only will you feel like the famous X-(wo)men 😉 when training with the aid of XBody, but you’ll get their superstrength as well! The vacation we’ve planned for you is a truly wholesome experience. It’s up to you to choose whether you’d like the 3-times a week training package, or if 2 times a week will suffice.

To get the picture check our Instagram profile @xbodybypotens or for more info and booking go to webpage: https://royal-dalmatia.com/.

Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a tailor-made workout offer that best suits your wishes.

Your XBody by Potens Team

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