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Split - pride of southern Dalmatia with stunning architecture and beautiful views

Split - pride of southern Dalmatia with stunning architecture and beautiful views

Lively city where every visitor can find something for himself

Welcome to Split! Croatia’s second largest city and the pearl of Dalmatia. This city is full of history, life, art and architecture. But there is something about Split that cannot be described with words although numerous Croatian singers, songwriters and poets tried, using this amazing city as their inspiration.
The people are easy going with a special sense of “local” humour, the women here are famous for their beauty and special style, which you can see if you take a walk at the famous “riva”-promenade in the heart of the city next to the sea with numerous cafes, bars and restaurants. This is the real hub of the city where you will feel the special feeling of the “dolce far niente” (carefree idleness).

Except the UNESCO world heritage site - the famous Diocletian's palace with numerous roman monuments, there are so many things to do and see in Split. If you are interested in a detailed review about Diocletian’s palace, check out our article about this magical, historic place.
Where to enjoy the best views on the city of Split from above? Before we dive into numerous places and activities Split offers, let's recommend you the best places in and around Split, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of this coastal city.

The small church of St. Nicholas, located on a plateau below the Marjan peak

The highest peak (360 m), which you will maybe recognise if you watched the famous HBO series Game of Thrones, is located 40 min from the city center in a little village. Klis, now a fortress-ruin, was once a fortification dating back in the 3rd century, also used during medieval age. You can reach it with the bus number 22 from Marmontova street, located in the city center. It offers an amazing view on the entire city and its surroundings including islands and the Adriatic sea. If you want to stay in the city and also have a panoramic photo-postcard with Split and the sea in the background, visit the famous park Marjan (178 m). If you would like to stay active during your stay, there is a nice walking path among the pines, but you can also reach it with the bus No. 12 from Riva. Here you can find a Jewish cemetery and a few old churches.

The last place to recommend is located in the center and belongs to one of the most famous sights of Split. Visit the cathedral of st. Duje, who is also the patron and protector of Split. Each year there is a big festivity, celebrating the day of the city and its inhabitants (7th May). If you climb on the top of the church tower you can see Split stretching under your feet with its Mediterranean alleys, squares and the blue Adriatic sea. This was once Diocletian’s mausoleum and belongs to one of the oldest cathedral buildings in the world.

Whether you are a football fan or not, be sure to visit Split’s stadium Poljud, located in the neighborhood Spinut. Split is very proud of their football club Hajduk, the oldest one in Croatia (dating back to 1911), so be ready to see a lot of neat Hajduk graffiti everywhere in the city and around it.

If you are an art and architecture lover, there is so much to visit here! Be sure to check out following museums: archeological, ethnographic or the Ivan Mestrovic museum. Mestrovic was one of Croatia’s most famous sculptors and architects. His sculptures are everywhere around Croatia but also in the USA (in Chicago- “The Bowman and The Spearman”)! In Split one of his most “touristy” sculptures is “Grgur Ninski” (Christian bishop) because of the legend according to which one get’s lucky by rubbing the bishop’s thumb. Some websites have put this lucky charm in the top ten symbols of happiness that became a touristic attraction.

The Diocletian's Palace: the city's living heart & the main attraction of Split

Split also offers numerous beaches for everyone. The most popular is Bacvice with its sandy soft shore as created for the local summer game played everywhere in Croatia - picigin! We also recommend the beaches Znjan and Firule. While strolling around the narrow stone streets (don’t forget the narrowest street called Let Me Pass) be sure to visit the vivid, colorful market, the so-called “pazar”. Here you can buy almost everything you can imagine- from fresh fish and veggies to socks and Hajduk jerseys. The oerfect place to meet locals and feel the authentic city vibe.
If you get hungry while exploring the historical city center, visit one of the well-known restaurants like Zinfandel, Apetit, Konoba Matejuska or Bajamonti (the list is long!) Taste local Dalmatian cuisine, fresh seafood and of course, the best wine from the south of Croatia!

Although Split offers so much, there are many close surroundings worth seeing. Not only the islands like Brac, Hvar, Solta or Vis, but also magnificent cities full of history and culture like Solin (8 km) and Trogir (28 km).
All that is left to do is booking your perfect holiday home - choose one of our villas near Split and start your adventure in Dalmatia!

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